No Doubt About it Now. Antonio Brown Would Like Another Chance With the Raiders

The rumors had been bouncing around for a few weeks, but it’s now safe to say they were true.

Antonio Brown wants a second chance with the Raiders and he said as much on his Twitter account on Monday.

AB on Twitter

Yes I’m sleepy 6 walk throughs in 7days 2 cities whole lotta 💰 in rotation I wore my raiders hat just incase of 2nd Chances 💀

Last week Brown confirmed that he has remained in touch with Jon Gruden, but stopped short of saying they have talked about a possible reunion. Even if Gruden did want Brown back, the situation is complicated by the fact that AB is involved in litigation with the Raiders over his $30 million contract voided by the team.

Brown has apologized for his behavior to Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers, but hasn’t apologized to the Raiders – probably at the strong recommendation of his legal team.

Whatever the case, Brown seems to be toning down his behavior. He hasn’t been nearly as offensive with his social media posts and says he has been receiving clinical help.

Too bad he couldn’t get to this place a year ago before sabotaging the Raiders’ season… along with his own.

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48 thoughts on “No Doubt About it Now. Antonio Brown Would Like Another Chance With the Raiders

  1. Offer him a small 2 year of no guaranteed money contact with incentives and see if he bites. It would allow us to go after defense in the draft.

    1. Offer him nothing. Raiders don’t need AB to focus on Defense in the draft, that should be their focus regardless. He’s not worth Raiders coaches time, don’t care if he plays for free one distraction is too many. Would you bet anything that he’ll stay in line?

      Didn’t think so.

    2. He is going to get suspend the moment he signs with a team. Comish just hasn’t done it because he isn’t on a roster.

    3. If his head is “right” meaning he says he is sorry and really wants to be a Raider . . I’d give him a prove it incentive laden deal that pays him well if he plays well, but allows the Raiders to cut him and make him forfeit all salary if he gets out of line [email protected]

  2. A.B. ., Had a few good years … But this now . That was then … I would take my chances with younger talented players not self absorbed with them selves .

  3. No Way, No How!
    Stay as far away from him as you can!
    He’s already screwed the Raiders once!
    Great talent, just a knucklehead!

  4. Remeber him dancing and running around his yard like a goof when the raiders dumped him? The guy is a cancer and anyone who takes him on is begging for problems! He will destroy your team from the inside why would you want a guy that quits on his team when hes most needed.he cares for only himself and his stats.

  5. Dealing with these last ditch Ridiculous mock-ups. Now we are entertaining the thought of bringing back AB. LUDICROUS!!!! NEXT!!!!!

  6. I’m all for it if he can right his wrong and just play football as a equal football player To the team and stop the superior bull crap with no guarantee money everything he get he have to work for it that will show that he’s there to play football and not be superior thinking he’s better than the rest of the team and uplifting everyone around them for once try to be a mentor instead of a menace

  7. No thanks! The last thing the Raiders should want is a diva receiver with obvious mental issues running around Sin City! That’s a recipe for disaster! I’m all for second chances except in this case!

  8. Offer nothing. See if he bites, someone.
    Don’t water a dime or time on this mental case or you’ll be throwing money away.

  9. Let any other team have him , as a hard core raider fan , he had no commitment to the raiders excellence , just always about him , it’s a team sport ..

  10. This guy is crazy. He will destroy team chemistry wherever he plays. STEELERS are the winners in this (addition by subtraction).

  11. If his head is “right” meaning he says he is sorry and really wants to be a Raider . . I’d give him a prove it incentive laden deal that pays him well if he plays well, but allows the Raiders to cut him and make him forfeit all salary if he gets out of line!

  12. Blahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ………. hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahah hahahahaha

    MY SIDE IS HURTING hahahahahaha

  13. No freaking way not in a million years, Mr. Brown is a total Schizophrenic piece of #@@t. He should be in prison for all of evil crimes he committed.


  15. Hey buddy. ..I wouldn’t sign him to judge a dog show. . he’s a little drama queen…anybody with any speck of brains would sign this dud…Mike Matlock approved…

  16. Do you think Mike Mayock would like to get chummy again with another little drama queen…ask the steelers

  17. AB got chances at Pittsburg, Oakland, and New England. Sounds to me he has had his chances. Maybe he can go sell shoes for Nike with the other losers who through away their chances. Their are so many football players that are better than AB that would play without any problems. The Raiders need to find those and sign them. They do not need any further distractions.

  18. Incognito, Burfick, Waller, AB and Aldon Smith in Vegas for 2020!

    Hey if your going to roll the dice . .

  19. Every body makes mistakes.I guess the guys with all these comments are squeaky clean.He has man,ed up and that’s great he deserves another chance some whete

  20. He is still among the top 5 receivers in the game,and on any given sunday or monday night the best, if he apologizes and remains humble the Raiders should give him a shot. They should sign him as if he was a top 5 receiver a 2 year deal/ including a 5 million dollar signing bonus,with clauses in the contract for any problems he causes in the future.Everyone deserves a second chance.

  21. Thats like the big bad wolf aint gonna eat red raiderhood – FU _ K THAT !!!! He’s nothing & a nobody now !! Give it to a young kid thats busted his *** for 4 years in college & would play for free if given the opportunity ! This takes zero time to think about what Raiders should do ! Right ??

  22. I see a lot of holier than thou people in this thread. Y’all miscreants must be sin free casting a lot of them stones. I’m sure if he signed to any squad you won’t be talking like this when he will improve your offense. It will be all smiles, high fives, and laughter then. Typical people. 😉

  23. My first take is…”A dog that bites is a dog that bites!”. It’s just that he’s so darned talented, and still young enough to tilt the field. If, and I mean IF he strongly apologizes to Coach G and GMan Mayock to somehow convince them he’s somehow worthy…..then offer him a one-year, incentive laden contract. Peter C. San Jose CA

  24. Time for that horse to ride off into the sunset.He had his chance and he blew it.So long Mr Brown.Happy trails.

  25. Too late. Egos like his don’t do 180’s and the Raiders don’t need him. Waller as almost as fast and a helluva lot bigger, and CD Lamb is on the way.

    Let him bring his destructive **** show to some other team………….like, maybe, kansas city.

  26. Anybody gives this CLOWN a chance and the results of a disaster are SURE to follow shortly thereafter!! NO CLOWNS FOR THE RAIDER NATION!!!💪👊

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