Now We Know Why Kyle Long Didn’t Sign With The Raiders

When Kyle Long visited the Raiders two weeks ago, it seemed like a fit that might be destined to happen. Long is the son of Raiders legend Howie Long and the Raiders, at the time, were in desperate need of offensive line help.

As it turned out, Long left his overnight visit with the Raiders without a deal and soon after signed with the Chiefs.

The reason he didn’t sign with the Raiders?

Some thought it may have had something to do with the drama around the Raiders offensive line (specifically Rodney Hudson), but according to Long, the Raiders never actually offered him a contract.

Kyle on Twitter: “They never offered me a contract I don’t understand the misunderstanding here. Chiefs did so I accepted!! / Twitter”

They never offered me a contract I don’t understand the misunderstanding here. Chiefs did so I accepted!!

Shortly after Long signed with the Chiefs, The Athletic’s Vic Tafur put two theories on the table for why Long didn’t sign with the Raiders.

“Depending on whom you ask, [Long] either didn’t look very good in his workout Tuesday in Las Vegas or got cold feet when he heard that Hudson was on the way out,” Tafur said.

It would seem we know now which theory was more accurate.

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6 thoughts on “Now We Know Why Kyle Long Didn’t Sign With The Raiders

  1. It comes down to the fact of availability as well as Talent. He didn’t play in The League last year. I don’t think he ever played a full season. And the next day we signed Denzel good and Richie Incognito. We don’t need him this plain and simple. Don’t play for the Chiefs and he’ll probably stink it up or get injured. Kelechi osemele didn’t work out very well not did he? He was a much better guard than Kyle long when he was in his prime and just like kelechi osemele Kyle long is past his prime. But the bottom line is the following day we signed Denzel good and Richie Incognito an incognito is a much better guard than Kyle long ever was

  2. This is perfect example of how the media and fans attack and make baseless comments without accurate information. The Raiders were getting slammed by the media and fans about being a bad organization in disarray as evidence by the fact that Long didn’t want to or refuse to sign with them, and as it turns out it was the Raiders who didn’t want to sign Long or offer him a contract…

  3. big love for kyle, big love for pops, chris too. ixnay on the good luck tho-this year raiders are taking two from cheefs. oh yeah, i’m still mad @ buck buchanon. how you gonna do an old man like that? don’t make me bust out my my aarp card. i got friends in washington. yeah! george blanda the greatest!!!

  4. I love the picture you guys used for this article. He looks like a total dick-head. He was probably whining like a little bitch about a holding call he was guilty of when the pic was taken. The majority of the media and a lot of fair weather fans automatically assumed the RAIDERS were snubbed by long because our team is such a clown show and gruden is a complete dumpster fire and he is destroying the team and every player he drafted sucks and blah blah blah……fact is were 3 plays away from being 11-5 with a defense that was playing completely confused. The only real mistake by gruden was not firing Paul guenther 2 years ago after our 13 sack season. All we can do is learn from it and move forward…..F Kyle long….go RAIDERS

  5. If we “THE RAIDERS” don’t make a serious run in the playoffs this up coming season, I’d be calling for ALL who are involved to be terminated ASAP ! Either we’re stuck in STUPIDITY ,or we just don’t have what it takes to field a decent product in that NEW STADIUM ! LET’S GET HER DONE !!!

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