Oakland Raiders Recent Success has Fans and Analysts Talking Playoffs

The Oakland Raiders have won three straight home games taking their record to 6-4 and very much resurrecting playoff hopes that were all but snuffed out in Houston last month. They have done this, amazingly enough, with a young defense that is starting to make big plays when it matters. In the last three games, the Raiders defense has 12 sacks, 5 interceptions, and 2 fumble recoveries. They also have only given up 58 total points in that span.

If the Raiders truly wants to make the post season, they will have to lean even harder on the surprisingly stingy defensive unit.

Time for the Offense to Blaze a Trail.

The Raiders offense has done just enough to win over the past three games. They moved the ball well with quarterback Derek Carr leading the way. However, they have bogged down too many times when given the opportunity to put an opponent away. Against the Chargers, it required one of those famous Derek Carr fourth-quarter comeback drives to give the defense the chance to win it. Make no mistake, if the Raiders want to continue to fan the flames of post season hope, their offense needs to stop sputtering in key moments, and start humming when given the lead.

Next Few Games will show everyone what the Raiders are made of.

The next three weeks have the Raiders playing the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs on the road, and then returning to face the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars at home.

If the Raiders win three out of those four games, they will be in the drivers seat for a wild card birth going into the final two games of the season. If they go into KC and snatch a win in a place the Raiders have not won since before Carr was drafted, then the team has a legitimate shot at the AFC West crown – something that has not happened since 2002.

Some Fun Stuff.

Rookie running back Josh Jacobs looks like the clear favorite to win offensive rookie of the year. Is anyone else even close?

Rookie defensive end Maxx Crosby became only the fourth rookie since 1982 to register four sacks in a single game. With that, his total is now 6.5 for the season and puts him squarely in the defensive rookie of the year conversation.

The 2019 draft class is having one of the best seasons of any draft class to date. Rookie General Manager Mike Mayock could be in line for NFL Executive of the year at this pace.

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2 thoughts on “Oakland Raiders Recent Success has Fans and Analysts Talking Playoffs

  1. I just wished people would understand sum truths. People keep comparing Crosby 2 Mack n they have been misled into believing that Raiders needed 2 trade Mack away in order 2 “rebuild” n that Raiders have the team they have now due 2 Mack trade (but that inc having AB). All of this n more r lies n the facts n events show it but people r in this delusional state with every1 now giving Gruden credit like he is some football genius.

    Every1 listen Mack is out of this world talent the likes which we will prob not c again n 4sure not on our team. Mack cud have been retained n team still built. Macks rookie season Raiders had no easy teams n surely no team that was winless on scedhule. That year Raiders played toughest schedule that inc 9 playoff teams from 2013 n cardinal team that had 10 wins 2013 (didnt qualify 4 playoffs). Raiders best DL was justin tuck at end of career finishing with 5 sacks 4 team lead. So comparing Crosby n Mack by rookie seasons is retarded n leads 2 inaccurate assessments.
    Mack is a hall of fame player 4sure Crosby can hopefully become a good player. The Bears prior 2 Mack finished in top 10 defense in points per gm (9th) n yards per gm (10th). With Mack Bears d ranked top five in points per gm (1st), yards per play (1st), yrds per gm (2nd), forced fumbles (3rd), interceptions (1st), n total QBR (1st) throughout the 2018 season n entering week 4 of 2019 season. When Crosby can produce those type of results (NEVER) then talk about him like he is Mack or better but until then just b happy if he produces.
    Stop buying into hype with Gruden or explain why Gruden who took over Raiders team 1 season removed from 12-4 record n playoffs could not take that team back 2 playoffs or why he deserved contract n praise 4 having team Davis n Gruden said had so many holes that trading away Mack was vital n not affording another Carr type contract in order 2 fill so many holes but Coach Del Rio produced with same holes n players provided him never once complaining.
    Remember the many terrible decisions Gruden has made forcing Raiders into bad position 2 seasons straight n if such a guru genius how would so many bad decisions happen? I m sure u Gruden worshipers will attempt 2 reason y these r wrong but its just delusion talk n i have much more but this is plenty 2 shut up this Gruden praise that is undeserving. I will leave u with this – Wtf has Gruden ever done that warranted praise, contract, or any admiration. Speak 2 Tampa players that played 4 Gruden n then reply.

    Most of these things have been repeatedly mentioned by someone with apparent knowledge R Pomares

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