Officials Say They Reviewed Gabe Jackson’s Personal Foul, But No Reviewable Evidence of the Incident Seems to Exist

As it turns out, Gabe Jackson was ejected on account of… stepping on someone?

Here is the statement issued (below) by the officiating crew after the game, as reported by the The Athletic’s Vic Tafur.

Upon further review, we see that Jackson not step on anyone initially, but the flag comes in shortly after the conclusion of the clip below.

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@bigsmooth61 was ejected for… this?The NFL needs to give a better explanation than what the officiating crew offered.


In the end, it took more than three minutes from the end of the play for the officiating crew to determine that Jackson should be ejected.

There is a clip from the CBS broadcast that seems to show right about when the incident occurred, but there are too many bodies to see what happened.

No flag yet.

Now the flag comes in (far right official)

Whatever happened, the CBS broadcast didn’t catch it and there were enough bodies around Jackson that solid video evidence may not exist.

But that creates a new problem.

Why did the officiating crew say “after reviewing the play” it was determined Jackson should be ejected?

What video did they have access to that the broadcast didn’t?

If there is another video, the NFL needs to make it available, especially since the nature of the official’s explanation makes it sound like Jackson might be looking at a fine, too.

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