One of Raiders Top Free Agent Signings Isn’t Even Getting Second-Team Reps?

Reports from Raiders training camp haven’t been high on Marcus Mariota, but considering the plan was never for him to be the starting quarterback, the impact of Mariota’s slower-than-expected progress hopefully won’t be an issue.

The bigger concern right now in terms of the Raiders offseason spending might be defensive end Carl Nassib, who was expected to have a considerable role right away.

Why else would you pay him $25 million over three years?

But right now it doesn’t seem like Nassib is on the fast track to making an instant impact along the Raiders defensive front.

“Carl Nassib isn’t standing out much,” The Athletic’s Tashan Reed wrote on Saturday. “Third-year defensive end Arden Key has made waves at camp, which has apparently come at the expense of Nassib. He hasn’t been out there all that much, even with the second team. Meanwhile, Key has earned some first-team reps with second-year defensive end Clelin Ferrell bumped over to defensive tackle. Perhaps Gruden is displaying some gamesmanship by not showing his plans for Nassib while the media is around, but it’s weird for the end to be so lightly used. The Raiders didn’t give him a three-year, $25.25 million contract for no reason. I didn’t expect Nassib to challenge starters Ferrell or Maxx Crosby, but I figured he’d be more involved in the rotation than Key.”

Maybe Reed is onto something and Jon Gruden is just playing games with the media, but Nassib would be an odd choice of a player to do that with.

And thus, that probably isn’t what’s going on at all.

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17 thoughts on “One of Raiders Top Free Agent Signings Isn’t Even Getting Second-Team Reps?

  1. We trade our best players all the time that’s why we suck every year. Give Gruden another $100 million. Lol

    1. Gruden has been known to play games with the media and not show his hand before all the cards are laid out on the table he keeps you guessing and that’s one of the best parts of the NFL for him to be able to do this you play the game not on the field but off the field as well with the media and everyone else welcome to the NFL off the field

    2. Where were we with those “best players”? This team is fast becoming one that will achieve more than any team has since Gruden’s first tenure.

    3. I as a fan have not ever really liked him as a coach and he **** sure isn’t worth the loot they are giving him.

      Why is it we do get rid of the good players. It almost like we are a farm team for the rest of the league

  2. Actually the Raiders draft poorly is why as you say they suck year in and year out. Just look at P.J Hall a second round pick a few years back is cut. CUT. I was upset when they drafted him. I hate it when I watch them draft bad, and in no time I’m proven correct.

  3. Gruden is a genius. He knows football better than anyone. He was smart enough to bring in the best talent evaluator in the league. MAYOCK is the man for the job. After this draft class and last years rookies show what we got as a playoff team, all the haters will shut it. Gruden traded away 300 million in future contracts to bring in his own guys. Hes built one of the best O lines in football. Carr NOW has weapons and is gonna crush it. Look out Chiefs, Carr and Gruden are going to exploit that secondary. Go Raiders!

  4. Leonard Fournette would be a GREAT addition to the RAIDERS ! Imagine a one two punch with him and Jacobs !!! SIGN HIM GRUDEN !!!

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