Opinion: Only A Matter Of Time Before Marshawn Lynch Is A Raider

It’s going to happen.

If Marshawn Lynch is serious about playing for the Raiders, there’s not much anyone (other than the Raiders) can do to stop him.

Yes, Lynch still has a year on his contract with the Seahawks if he chooses to “un-retire”, but if Seattle tries to keep him, Lynch would count for $9 million on the their books – a figure the Seahawks can hardly afford and after signing Eddie Lacy, the idea makes no sense anyway.

Then there’s the fact that Lynch only wants to play in Oakland. The Raiders have no reason to worry that Lynch would sign elsewhere, if released. Therefore, if he returns, Seattle’s only leverage is to keep him – and initiate a battle the Seahawks will really want to avoid.

If the Raiders do, as reports have indicated, want to sign Lynch, it’s going to happen.

Maybe the Raiders give Seattle a conditional late-round pick to move along the process, but there’s really no need to make a trade for Lynch’s hefty contract and negotiate down from $9 million.

Assuming Lynch files paperwork to return, expect the Seahawks to wash their hands of him as quickly as possible and barring any setbacks, expect “Beast Mode” to be in silver and black much sooner than later.

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10 thoughts on “Opinion: Only A Matter Of Time Before Marshawn Lynch Is A Raider

  1. If he has ANYTHING left, and doesn’t cost more than say $4 million for 1 year, I’d say sign him!

  2. This makes too much sense. Hopefully the hometown hero can win a SB for Oakland before they move to Las Vegas. It would be a remarkable story. There are so many positives to come from this signing.

    1. Hey, just want to make sure the Raidahs have enough left to sign all their franchise players, that’s all. I couldn’t care less how much it costs Davis otherwise.

  3. Signing Marshawn would ease the pain of them leaving in two years. Give us Beast Mode for two with a Super Bowl. ****, they could move where ever they want after that.

    1. I’m with you there. Give us a SB before they leave (if they do actually leave – not convinced yet), then I couldn’t care less what they do once they abandon us for Vegas. Chances are they’ll crash and burn in Vegas, once Davis realizes he can’t pay off the $1 billion + loan he’ll need to make this happen, when he’s only getting 30,000 – 40,000 per game, and defaults to B of A. Maybe, then, Lacob and Gruber will purchase the team and move it back here!

      Hey, we can dream, can’t we?

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