Papa: 49ers “The Most Popular Team In The History Of Bay Area Sports”

From 1997 to 2017, Greg Papa was the beloved voice of the Oakland Raiders. Along with former CEO of the team, Amy Trask, Papa has long been one of the most fanatical defenders of late Raiders owner Al Davis – to the point some would say it was to a fault. But we’ve learned in recent years that Papa’s loyalty to Al Davis no longer extends to all of the Davis family (Mark Davis and Papa have long been at odds) or to the Raiders as an organization.

Papa, of course, is now the play-by-play voice of the San Francisco 49ers and last week Papa dropped a bomb on the Raiders that would have been unthinkable to hear from him before now.

“[The 49ers] are the most popular team in the history of Bay Area sports,” Papa said at the 49ers’ state-of-the-franchise event. “They’ll become more popular in a year when it’s just one NFL team in this market.”

Granted he’s employed by the 49ers, but it’s still a strange thing to hear Papa talk so flatteringly about the 49ers and rub salt in the still open wounds of Raider fans in the Bay Area. Which raises the question…

Will Raider fans in the Bay Area really jump ship to the 49ers when the team leaves for Las Vegas?

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6 thoughts on “Papa: 49ers “The Most Popular Team In The History Of Bay Area Sports”

  1. Papa will always be a Raider at heart. He knows it. Know matter what color polo he wears on Sunday he will always look better in black. As far as his comment, he doesn’t fully understand what the Raiders have meant to the East Bay since their existence. No team in sports history had integrated and intertwined themselves in their community than the Raiders. (Especially in the ’70’s and early ’80’s). They, along with the A’s and Warriors helped put Oakland on the sports map of the world. The love that the Raider Nation in the East Bay has for its beloved Silver and Black is untouchable. A love that Al encouraged and brought. Deep down Papa knows…………but he’s unfortunately working with “that other team” now. Sadly, owner Mark Davis has decided to throw all the tradition the Raiders stand for out the window.


  2. As an only-infrequent listener to Raider games, being on the east coast and all, I thought Greg always did a great job and was surprised to see him leave last year. However, what he said makes sense, especially from his new point of view. What’s he supposed to say, “The raiders are the most popular, but now when they leave maybe the 49s will be.” ??
    It is odd hearing him say that, but I respect the man, and am sorry he and Mark don’t see eye to eye. There will never be another Al Davis, even if his later years were rather spotty. Mark is a sorry replacement, I’m sad to say.

  3. While I understand he might be a little bitter about how things ended with the Raiders, though the reality is you can’t at odds with the owner, and while good for him that he has a new gig with the Niners there was no need for the added exultation. I wish him well as a person but my loyalty is to the Raiders. Also he might want to check that against of the popularity of the Warriors. They are truly the Bays team with no split between Oakland and SF franchises. The DUBS own the bay/

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