PFF Analytics Say Raiders 1st-Round Pick Still Isn’t Trending in a Good Direction

A miserable season reversed course when the Raiders fired Josh McDaniels, but not everything is trending in a perfect direction since Antonio Pierce took over as interim head coach.

Nearly everyone in the Raiders locker room has elevated their play since Pierce was promoted, but first-round pick Tyree Wilson is still struggling to make an impact.

Wilson played only 22 of the Raiders’ 66 defensive snaps against the Jets on Sunday and didn’t manage to find the box score. On the season, he has 17 tackles (8 solo) and has been credited with 1.5 sacks.

According to Pro Football Focus, Wilson has only 8 quarterback pressures in 164 pass-rush attempts. He has only one game where he received an above-average game grade from PFF, and only three edge rushers in the NFL (with at least 200 snaps) have lower defensive grades on the season.

It’s possible that Wilson is still dealing with the effects of a foot injury he suffered last year, but there’s no question that he has been lacking burst this season. That was a concern for some when he entered the draft, and nothing about the first half of the season has minimized those concerns.

There has been nothing but optimism from the Raiders’ coaching staff in regard to Wilson’s development as a rookie, but the truth is going to show in his playing time. Sunday wasn’t a great sign, but maybe he’ll turn the corner soon.

With games coming against the Dolphins and Chiefs in the next two weeks, the Raiders could definitely use more from the 7th-overall pick in the draft to try and slow down Tua Tagovailoa and Patrick Mahomes.

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7 thoughts on “PFF Analytics Say Raiders 1st-Round Pick Still Isn’t Trending in a Good Direction

  1. Tyree Wilson needs to step it up if he wants to remain a Raiders. Start looking at film. Stay after practice to figure it out. Stop pressing hard. Let it come to you.

    1. At least he’s got the bling thing perfected. Now if he could just get off the ball before the play was half over.

  2. I don’t know what anyone else thought but I thought J.Carter should’ve been the pick. Nothing against Mr.Wilson but he was coming off a major injury. However since he was the pick and considering the nature of his injury I feel he won’t be “recovered” until next year. Again what a terrible talent evaluation. Also, when you look at the depth of the roster it sure seems like we subtracted a lot of talented players for a bunch of less talented players. If Antonio & Champ stick I hope they replenish the ranks.

  3. Hopefully he can develop into a difference maker at DE. The last thing this team needs is a blown 10-ten pick! The lack of talent on this team is plainly obvious, especially along the DL and OL. Since Davis took over the team, they haven’t had a consistently good GM capable of acquiring much needed talent. Instead of blowing $$$ on the likes of Gruden, McDaniels, and Ziegler, Davis should hire John Lynch away from the 49ers.

  4. The Raiders kept saying the same thing for 2 years with Ferrrell. They finally cut him and got nothing. They should trade this bum now and at least get a 7th round pick or wait again like you did with Ferrell and get nothing. Which makes more sense to you?

  5. Bite the bullet cut him and move on, lots of talent coming out this year.
    We need a rush end. Tackle and guard
    Running back, blind speed receiver and two line backers that can run and cover
    Let’s go Raiders

  6. Hi Nation, I don’t believe he will develop into anything!! He should not have been drafted that high and the only reason he was is because the Raiders don’t know how to draft!! Haven’t drafted or developed any talent consistently in 20 years. Jalen Hurts should have been picked by us as well as Jalen Carter. We can’t pick our noses forget talent!! Wasted so many draft picks under Gruden it’s pathetic!! McDaniel ‘s was no better!!

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