PFF: Derek Carr Has The Quickest Release The NFL Has Seen In Years

Is Derek Carr the product of an elite offensive line or is the Raiders offensive line the product of Derek Carr?

Carr critics often point to the Raiders offensive line as the cornerstone to Carr’s success – and they aren’t wrong. But as many have pointed out, Carr does his offensive line a tremendous favor by getting rid of the ball quickly.

Raiders voice Greg Papa has often compared Carr’s approach to what Manning used to do in Indianapolis and (unfortunately) in Denver.

“Carr gets the ball out of his hand lightning quick,” Papa said on his 95.7 The Game program in August. “Is Donald Penn a top-10 left tackle in the NFL based on his play or is it a little similar to what Peyton Manning did for years… [the Colts] didn’t put a lot of money [into the offensive line] because Peyton Manning would get the ball out of his hands.”

This season Carr is getting the ball out faster than ever.

According to Pro Football Focus analytics, Carr’s average time from snap to pass attempt is 1.91 seconds – faster than any quarterback in the past six seasons.

The league average time to make a pass attempt in 2016 was around 2.5 seconds which means Carr is about .6 quicker to unload the ball than what NFL defenses are used to seeing.

Put a release like that behind one of the best offensive lines in football and there’s an equally impressive stat to be found. Through two games, the Raiders starting offensive line (Penn, Osemele, Hudson, Jackson, Newhouse) has given up only three pressures in two games – Carr’s 2 sacks came when Vadal Alexander replaced Newhouse for a series (so there’s proof Carr isn’t a magical wizard man that needs no offensive line).

Just block and get the ball out fast, baby!

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3 thoughts on “PFF: Derek Carr Has The Quickest Release The NFL Has Seen In Years

  1. I think Carr’s success is based on both points . No quarterback in the history of pro football has ever survived long without a good offensive line . When you look at most top level quarterbacks through history , they have had very good to exceptional offensive lines . But that isn’t the total key to Carr’s or any other quarterback’s success . A passer can have a quick release but if he can’t go through his reads with equal rapidity and throw quickly AND accurately , the speed of the release itself means little . Yes , Carr has an exceptional line but it’s his development as a pure passer along with that line that makes him so good . You can put any great QB behind a sub par offensive line and you would see a definite decline in his play and his productivity . The line and the skill of the quarterback go hand in hand in my opinion .

  2. I just have this to say, living in Fresno, I was lucky enough to watch Carr at Bulldog stadium, he is just as awesome then as he is now..better. GO RAIDERS!

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