Philip Rivers Taunted the Raiders Sideline After Taking the Lead, Didn’t Throw Another Completion

Philip Rivers is one of the elite trash talkers in the NFL and on Thursday he brought his mouth for one final showdown with the Raiders at the Oakland Coliseum (or RingCentral Coliseum as we call it now).

Rivers didn’t have a lot to chirp about early in the game, but after orchestrating a 12-play, 80-yard drive to put the Chargers in the lead with 3:57 left in the game, Rivers’ mouth woke up. The video (below) is Rivers taunting the Raiders sideline after the touchdown throw to Austin Ekeler.

From that moment, Rivers did not complete another pass and methodically sunk his team to a 4-6 record where the Chargers are a virtual lock to miss the playoffs.

Raider Cody on Twitter

Phillip Rivers taunted the #Raiders sideline after a TD drive that gave them the lead. After that, he finished the game: 0-8, with 1 INT. #RaiderNation

Rivers threw three interceptions on the night – one being for a Raiders touchdown (thanks, Phil). He also threw two others that didn’t hit the box score because they were negated by penalties.

Rivers finished the night with a 29.6 quarterback rating and an embarrassing final drive for the Coliseum and fans to remember him by.

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18 thoughts on “Philip Rivers Taunted the Raiders Sideline After Taking the Lead, Didn’t Throw Another Completion

  1. They’re done!.. stick a fork in them. Too many injuries, mistakes, bad play calling and lack of play makers. Another disappointing season, no wonder they can’t even sell-out a soccer stadium. They should never have moved to L.A

  2. He might be throwing more INTs this yr, but look who has his back. I’ve seen better H.S. O lines. Not to mention having receivers giving up on their routes ( Kenan).
    Yeah he’s a shi* talker, but he’s always had the game to match his mouth.
    Marinate on this…Every game the Bolts have lost this yr have been by 7 or less!!!
    Figure it out and give your balls a tug you tit fu*ckers.

    1. What difference does it make if they lost by 7 or 700? Sounds like you’re in denial about your team sucking.

    2. an L is an L no matter by how much…losing by 7 points or less doesnt get you in the playoffs sucka


  3. Mr. River
    U always had big mouth, so happy that the Raiders shout it off.
    Take this loss to L.A.

  4. Rivers he looked like a washed up creek he isn’t **** anymore Carr is the real deal

  5. As a San Diego #RaiderNation member, I’ve seen it over and over. Would love to know how many defenses he has inspired and in turn, kept himself out of the Super Bowl & the HOF.

  6. That night my 8 year old daughter posted to her, normally kid friendly, Instagram a picture of her and I and the caption “Chargers Just Got Clowned”. That game was one for the Raider Nation Memory Book!-GSH

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