Placing Odds On Raiders’ Coaching Candidates

The Raiders’ coaching search is in its infancy, but it’s never too early to place odds.

Before going through candidates it’s worth noting the other teams searching for a head coach (NYJ, ATL, BUF, SF, CHI). With some indications Rex Ryan may end up in Atlanta and Doug Marrone in New York, the Raiders may be competing with four teams for the listed names. There are also other top candidates (Quinn, Gase, Jackson, Smith, McDaniels) not linked to the Raiders

Here are the 8 coaches linked (so far) to the Raiders…

Tony Sparano (10%): Everyone is saying Sparano has a chance, but it’s a long shot. The players like him, and 3 wins in 11 games may have impressed some, but I doubt one of them was Mark Davis – at least not enough to offer the job. If a candidate or two says ‘no thanks’ to an offer, he’s a fine fallback option.

Pep Hamilton (1%): The Colts’ offensive coordinator hasn’t always been the most popular in Indy. Pep has no head coaching experience, but he has been a part of Andrew Luck’s elevation to near-elite status. I doubt that’s enough.

Todd Bowles (20%): Maybe the hottest coordinator on the market. The Cardinals defensive coordinator has been coaching in the NFL a long time, and he’s overdue for an opportunity. There’s also speculation that Oakland is a job he’s targeting. If he can impress with his plan to develop Derek Carr and ease Davis’ mind in terms of his head coaching experience, he could end up with the job.

Pat Shurmur (2%): Head coaching experience? Check. Respected offensive mind? Check. But how much of his success in Philadelphia belongs to Chip Kelly? I doubt the Raiders will try to find out.

Jack Del Rio (55%): The favorite to be offered the position in my opinion. Del Rio is respected inside and outside the organization, has head coaching experience, and has proven he can win with less. His time in Jacksonville went better than most give him credit. There’s a lot going in Del Rio’s favor – particularly if he can promise an offensive coordinator that Davis approves.

Scott Linehan (5%): The Cowboys’ “passing game coordinator” has called plays for a resurgent Dallas offense and has head coaching experience – a combination that definitely gives him a chance. Wonder if he could be lured away from Dallas for an offensive coordinator gig?

Darrell Bevell (6%): Does Bevell deserve credit for Seattle’s success on offense? Absolutely. But Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson have skill sets that go beyond coaching. Also, he has no head coaching experience. The best thing going for Bevell is his familiarity with Reggie McKenzie and the hope that he could elevate Carr.

Eric Mangini (1%): I like Mangini, but this doesn’t seem like a good idea from any standpoint. He’s a defensive guy presently coaching tight ends, and if he came to Oakland he’d be the opposite of the “rock star” Davis wants. In fact, he’d be the opposite – fans would be livid. Not saying he’d be a bad hire, but… well yeah, I am.