POLL: What Round Should The Raiders Consider Drafting Jaylon Smith?

Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith was supposed to be a top pick in this year’s draft before tearing the ACL and LCL in his left knee in January. The injury also caused severe nerve damage that has doctors from every team scrambling to project when and if Smith will be able to return to football.


Too late to look away now. This is the play (above) that put Jaylon Smith’s career in jeopardy.

The Raiders need help at linebacker and Smith would be worth the risk at some point in the draft. The question, of course, is when?

As for Smith, he remains confident in his return. “I’m the best player in the draft. I just didn’t get the opportunity to show it as far as the combine and draft process,” he recently told Bleacher Report. “Watch the film. Any game. It speaks for itself.”

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7 thoughts on “POLL: What Round Should The Raiders Consider Drafting Jaylon Smith?

  1. Wow, would like to have some of the same stuff the 1st round voters are smoking!

  2. I voted for 2nd round but it is based on them trading down in the 1st, picking up a extra 2nd round pick and then using the later 2nd round pick on Jaylon Smith.

  3. After seeing his medical report hes gonna be a liability in the nfl i hope raiders pass on him hopefully they can snag a good RB

  4. I love Jaylon Smith and I’m all Fighting Irish diehard but man, that injury is career ending sooner than later. I can’t go with him at all. “Not at all”. God bless you brother Mr. Smith =)

  5. I believe the Raiders have a second 5th rounder from the Cowboys. Draft him there, and gamble that he can come back in 2017. All the other teams will be caught unaware.

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