Predicting the Raiders Next General Manager, Who Could Be Named as Early as Tuesday

The Raiders are getting closer to the finish line in their search for a general manager, but it sounds like we are going to have to wait a little longer.

NFL Insider Aaron Wilson reported on Monday that the Raiders aren’t expected to make a GM announcement for at least another day, and now we’ve learned at former Chargers GM Tom Telesco is back in the mix.

Telesco had a second interview with the Raiders on Monday, but he still isn’t considered by many to be a front runner for the job.

Even as the Raiders’ GM search drags out, there are three details that still point to Champ Kelly as the favorite to be hired.

Kelly is already holding the position.

Kelly is currently acting as the team’s general manager and has been a part of the head-coaching hiring process. For as much as he is able, Antonio Pierce has been working with Kelly like he already has the job and there’s no question that the Raiders’ newly-hired head coach wants his guy in the GM chair.

The interim GM/HC tandem worked seamlessly in the regular season. Why go away from that dynamic now that Pierce and Kelly have found success together?

Kelly has the support of the building.

It hasn’t made a lot of headlines, but Kelly is very well-respected within the organization, and has about as much support inside the building as Pierce.

No one wants to see Kelly go, and now that Pierce is officially the head coach, it only makes sense to give him the GM that he wants to work with.

Kelly already knows the roster.

For a full year we heard about how Dave Ziegler and Josh McDaniels misjudged the roster when they arrived in Las Vegas.

It took time for them to figure out their own personnel and it would be a welcomed treat for the organization to skip that step this time around.

Sure, Pierce knows the roster, but if the GM will need to lean on the head coach for personnel decisions right away, why not just give the head coach the GM he wants in the first place?

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6 thoughts on “Predicting the Raiders Next General Manager, Who Could Be Named as Early as Tuesday

  1. Bingo! This article hits the nail on the head. If a GM with a name other than Champ gets hired he better be able to walk on water.

  2. Dodds is the best hire. Carolina didn’t go with Champ after allegedly being blown away by him. Of course that’s Hondo so it’s most likely a lie.

    Keep Champ as assistant GM, bring in Telesco, and give Dodds the job. He’s in demand and he obviously respects Mark so make the easy play Mark.

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