Raider Cody Podcast EP.121 – Raiders vs. Falcons Post-Game Show

Episode 121 – Raiders vs. Falcons Post-Game Show

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Post Game Show discussing the results from the #LasVegasRaiders & #AtlantaFalcons game. The #Raiders Week 12 matchup takes place on the road. #Falcons#RaiderNation

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11 thoughts on “Raider Cody Podcast EP.121 – Raiders vs. Falcons Post-Game Show

  1. What an absolute EMBARRASSMENT you guys were today..Worst team in the NFL today and it’s not even close..You guys got beat by the ATLANTA FALCONS!?!? Like THAT?!? You don’t deserve a playoff spot playing like that or did you have a “deal” with a casino where you guys would just LAY DOWN and win some people some $$ that’s what it looked like

  2. we as loyal Nation fans deserve better the coach doesn’t care he getting paid how can the defense show their face why is the coach not fired 6 points disgrace I live in Atlanta have to hear their trash talk get rid of the pay check players and coaches

  3. Ok…this is it! Offense scores 0 points and the defense gives up 36, coupled with a pick six and 4 turnovers by Carr with one from Josh. Mark Davis…I’m calling you out now, because you continue to invest in failures, that can’t ever deliver the needed ingredients at crunch time. Gruden can’t coach anymore, Carr is a super choker under adversity, and Mayock engages in draft and FA cover up for the massive failures with our picks and FA choices.
    We need change and accountability for the buddy system that a Gruden has built with Mark Davis trust and money. Mark Davis is too passive and hippie spell bound; to kick Gruden in his *** for bad coaching and a horrible staff, made up of his good friends, cronies, and ***-kissers. The offense is still predictable on every play call, the defense is just poorly coached and pathetic, and now special teams is following suit.
    Mark Davis…your father Al Davis is flipping in his grave and raising hell every time you sit back and watch all of these football atrocities with the Raiders. You need to tell Gruden and Mayockbto produce or get the hell out of town! Then fire Geunther and the entire defensive staff, most if not all of the offensive staff, and Place aGruden and Mayock on the probation hot seat…make the playoffs or get out of town!
    Finally, we are not only witnessing catastrophic coaching and lack of production, the players are being pampered and improperly utilized and prepared, because the coaching staff being with Gruden are incompetent, gutless, bob-creative, and losers from day one. Now the players that had the potential to become winners, have become losers instead because they were led to this dark place by their so-called leaders. I have never been madder, disgusted, and more apt to abandon this team after 50 years of loyalty in bad and fair times; because the leadership and coaches are a bunch of grifters and excuse makers, that just plain make me sick!
    Mark Davis…man you and save tge Nation and your fathers legacy of…just win baby! The tine has cone to face the truth that the league and other coaches have left Gruden behind. New school is kicking Okd schools ***, and they don’t seem to have any answers or comeback under competitive pressures. Win or lose your job Gruden and all your buddies that can’t coach junior varsity…now or never. We are sick of your bad *** coaching and perpetual let downs, injured by empty promises fir change, that you don’t even know how to begin making it happen. Win or go home…it’s tge American way! Go Nation and **** the Raiders until you show tge live and respect to us in return, for all of the live, support, and loyalty that we have given you over the years, even when you didn’t deserve it. It sickens me to see the Silver and Back desecrated and disrespected in this way.

    Coach L
    Love for the Nation…**** the the team leadership!

  4. You guys should get rid of the Gruden contract..Overrated and WAAAY overpaid!! I think he’s a joke and never would have won a Super Bowl had Tony Dungy not been fired!! His fake tough guy act is so OLD..Inhave a hard time watching these guys w that tool on the sidelines

  5. This Cody guy will put you in timeout if you have negative comments about Carr, I’m never listening to this show again

  6. Many times over the past several years I have commented that Carr is not then nor is he now the QB that takes them very far. Recently I posted that they should just cut bait and trade him so next year they could bundle picks an d a player to move up to grab Trevor Lawrence of Clemson. That kid will take them where Carr never could or ever will.

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