Raiders 1st-Round Pick Kolton Miller Is Off The Charts In Terms Of Potential

If you are looking for a reason to like the Raiders first-round offensive tackle, Kolton Miller, as a person, look no farther than this piece from Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

You won’t be disappointed.

If you are looking for a reason to be excited about Miller as a left tackle, you’ll be glad to know the Raiders weren’t the only team that really liked Miller.

The Raiders reportedly were targeting Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey with the 10th pick, but according to Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller, at least one draft board listed Kolton Miller as the only round-one worthy left tackle in this year’s class.

Among the teams that felt strongly about Miller were the Cowboys – who have shown a propensity in recent years to identify good offensive linemen.

Miller has been criticized for his technique in college (that whole UCLA offensive line mostly stunk), and a number of personnel guys weren’t high on him, but there is no question that he has the physical tools to be elite.

Standing 6’9″ and weighing just over 300 pounds, Miller has room to get stronger and heavier. But despite his size, he still has the athleticism to develop into an elite tackle.

This chart from MockDraftable is a good illustration of the physical tools offensive line coach Tom Cable will have to work with in Miller.

As for his arm length (which has been criticized), Miller compares favorably to another former UCLA offensive lineman that was drafted in 1996.

Jonathan Ogden was also listed at 6’9″ and interestingly had the exact same 34 1/8 inch arms attributed to Miller.

Put on a little muscle, young fellow, and the Raiders could have their left side Carr insurance paid in full for another decade.

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10 thoughts on “Raiders 1st-Round Pick Kolton Miller Is Off The Charts In Terms Of Potential

  1. I love the “Measurables” chart! The other two things that left offensive tackles NEED – and that are just as important – are “Intelligence” and “NASTINESS”. Mr. Miller is a very smart player (but needs to get lower on his driving run blocks) and knows the game. He has a lot of heart too. That said, he needs to work on his nastiness – that play through the whistle, beat the guy down, make him want to rush from the other side next time, attitude. Cable can do a lot for him on technique but he needs to find his inner Munoz / Otto / Shell / Upshaw to strike down the new Wisniewski’s of the world….

    1. Have you heard of Kelechi Osameli? His nasty will be taught by one of the games best

  2. He has the body type to be a good one. Mentally, if I were taking as much crap as he is about being the 15th pick, I would just work my tail off. I think he will. KO, Rodney, and Gabe need to get this guy tough and nasty. I may be a Trojan, but I’m pulling for this Bruin to succeed. Technique and balance everyday, baby.

  3. I agree with Gordon. He played too tall in UCLA so Cable’s got to fix that.

  4. I had no problem with the pick. Honestly, it is getting more and more difficult to find decent OL talent out of college, much less stellar talent period. I believe only Q. Nelson was the only ‘sure thing’ of an OL in the draft, but you can coach athletic talent who meets all other criteria and K. Miller is that. Regardless, they should have drafted T. Edmunds (LB-Virginia Tech).

  5. Potential is not achieved this year, protecting the QB is now, the Better Choice would be the Best Free Agent we could get. That is fixing the Problem Now, not in the future. Thrusting Colton into trying to do it now is a recipe for disaster. Once Upon a time they decide to put a Rookie protecting the QB, the QB is injured for the Season. Hmm, what about the backup QB’s? That leads me to another question mark. Maybe, just Maybe Manuel can be better, or Coached, Conner not quite there either. First we should have Taken a Quarterback with the 10th Pick, then brought in a Free Agent OT. If CARR goes down so does the Season, Gruden’s Rep fly’s out the window and we lose more games than last year.

    1. Not real sure where all of this talk is coming from. Kolton was picked at 15 because he wouldn’t have been there at 16. He is for the future, not for today. Penn is our starting guy there, period. Don’t get tied up in the “I have to have an article every day on the Raider off-season so I’ll throw in a rookie at left tackle piece out there and watch the water boil around that thought” garbage. Penn has a brand new 2 year contract written just for Kolton. The plan is for Miller to replace Penn NEXT year, then Penn can be let go at no dead money cost to the Raiders or keep him as a backup. Penn is a great player and a good mentor. If not, then Penn will be here NEXT year too. Nobody ever said that a rookie will be protecting Carr game one, at least nobody from the Raiders.
      So for now Carr and this next season and Gruden’s rep are safe – rest easy.

      1. Interesting outlooks.
        I know Gruden doesn’t want to pay Penn $8m this year $10m next year to stand on the sideline.
        Gruden said that he has to be on the field to protect the quarteback. Plus, Penn sat out in the preseason last year and was the most outspoken lineman during the kneeling circus.
        Gruden’s offense has a fullback that can help protect the quarterback.
        Also.. I agree KO, Hudson, and Gabe plus Cable coaching him… it is a good plan… just hope it works. Also, it looks like our bookend tackles could be rookies.
        It will be very important to have a solid run game and to be able to dink and dunk pass… this will make it harder for defenses to exploit the young tackles.

    2. Really a QB at 10. So you’d waste your 1st round pick, on a QB with all our needs. Just to add a QB that’s not going to see the field for at least 3 years. Nope, I wasn’t overly happy with the miller pick , A QB at 10 or 15 would have been the worst draft move since DHB

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