Raiders Announce Pair of 21 Year-Old Wide Receivers Atop Their Depth Chart

The Raiders first official depth chart was released on Monday and the worst-kept secret of training camp has been confirmed…

Rookie wide receiver Bryan Edwards is a starter.

Edwards will join fellow rookie Henry Ruggs III to form the only starting tandem of rookie wide receivers in the league. Jon Gruden will mix in Hunter Renfrow, Nelson Agholor, and Zay Jones, but it looks like Edwards and Ruggs III will have every opportunity to be Derek Carr’s 1A and 1B at wide receiver.

Who would have guessed that a Gruden-led team would start two wide receivers under the age of 22?

Also noteworthy on the depth chart was Foster Moreau listed as tight end no. 2 and Jason Witten as the no. 3 tight end. Witten will make more money this year ($4 million) than Moreau will make in four full years on his rookie contract ($3.01 million).

For all the talk about Marcus Mariota being an unnecessary signing, it will be just as interesting to see if Witten lives up to his price tag in 2020. But if he can teach the young tight ends like Moreau and Darren Waller what it takes to be an All Pro tight end, maybe the cost will be worth it.

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4 thoughts on “Raiders Announce Pair of 21 Year-Old Wide Receivers Atop Their Depth Chart

  1. I feel really bad for Oakland – all the support over the years and so many bad
    Raiders teams they lived through, now they are quickly becoming one of the youngest and most exciting teams in the league — just in time for Vegas to get
    To call them their own

  2. Leave it to to eliminate a post that doesn’t baby and coddle Raiders Management. Sooner or later, if the Raiders ever intend to become a viable team again, someone has to ask the hard questions and address why this team as had one winning season since 2002. As a Raiders fan, for 52 years and counting, I’m sick of my team losing year after year, and why?, because no one wants to or has the guts to hold the people in management, who are making big bucks by the way, accountable for piss poor decision after piss poor decision, year after year. I’ve supported this team for 52 years and won’t stop supporting them until I die but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit by idly, year after year and not say anything. SOMEONE needs to fix this debacle and very, very soon. So,, you can NOT print my critique again but I’m sure that someone somewhere feels just like I do about this team and sooner or later, SOMEONE is going to do something about this mess called Raiders Management.

    A Possible Playoff Team? Really?

    The Yardbarker reported the following two stories. Needless to say, there are

    some, at best, questionable moves made by Raiders Management according

    to these two stories. As we all know, all too well, these ARE NOT the first

    questionable moves made by Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock. To be sure,

    picking players with talent IS NOT an exact science BUT some are, shall we

    say, HEAD SCRATCHING to say the least, as the two stories below will attest

    to. In my opinion, even PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY can’t adequately explain

    some of these decisions.

    5 Las Vegas Raiders who should not have made the 2020 53-man roster
    3 players who should have made the Las Vegas Raiders 53-man roster

    1. Then, there is passing on a former MVP, in Cam Newton, in favor of keeping

    Nathan Peterman. Nathan Peterman is the worst quarterback in modern

    NFL history among those with as many pass attempts as he has. Of

    the 356 quarterbacks who have thrown at least 130 passes in the last 40

    years, the 24-year-old ranks DEAD-LAST with a passer rating of 32.5. Lastly,

    none other than the Bleacher Report says, “… it’s hard to argue any

    quarterback, in the history of Pro Football, has been worse than Nathan

    Peterman.” Only Jon Gruden knows or understands why he would carry such

    a quarterback (liability) on his roster.

    2. Raekwon McMillan – Over the last two years he has allowed quarterbacks

    to complete a whopping 82.4 percent of passes when targeting him (42 of

    51). Last year he allowed 8.7 yards per target as opposing QBs compiled

    a 102.8 passer rating against him. It wasn’t a fluke — in 2018, he allowed a

    passer rating of 146.2 against him while giving up 9.6 yards per target and

    six touchdowns. Simply put, Raekwon McMillan has been a disaster in

    pass coverage and that’s why the Miami Dolphins dumped him for so

    little. Is that Keith Murray I hear laughing somewhere?

    3. Lamarcus Joyner – Before the 2019 season, the Raiders signed veteran

    corner Lamarcus Joyner with the intention of lining him up in the slot against

    smaller, shiftier receivers. It didn’t work, as opposing

    quarterbacks completed 69.4 percent and racked up a passer rating

    of 109.8 when targeting Lamarcus Joyner in coverage last year. If the Las

    Vegas Raiders don’t fix that problem quickly, poor slot coverage could sink

    the 2020 season before it really begins.

    4. Derek Carr – With the exception of 12 win 2016 campaign, Derek Carr has

    led a losing team every season. And because he has started since Day One

    and only missed two games, that has left Derek Carr with a lot of games

    to lose, 39 wins and 55 losses. In fact, his 55 losses are the second-

    most games lost by a quarterback through his first six seasons. The only

    quarterback with more losses? His brother David Carr. Conversely, Marcus

    Mariota has 30 wins with 33 losses.

    5. Jon Gruden – has compiled a record of 106 wins and 102 losses, in his

    coaching career, with the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and

    is currently 11 wins with 21 losses in his second stint with the Raiders.

    Further, since Jon Gruden returned to the Raiders, According to Josh

    Dubow of the Associated Press, the Raiders have yet to beat a team that

    advanced to the playoffs since 2018. This was reported on July 20, 2019.

    6. A year ago, Defensive Tackle Anthony Rush was all the talk of having a

    great future in the NFL. Now, the Philadelphia Eagles have cut him due to the

    depth that they have at Defensive Tackle. Shouldn’t the Raiders go after him

    and get a good player on the cheap?

    7. What is the Raiders’ proposed solution to fix their annually occurring

    problem of effectively covering opposing team’s tightends, this year,

    specifically Travis Kelce?

  3. Witten is worth it because he was Fosters idol and the person he wanted to play like. He gives another big red zone target and will help coach the 2 young tight ends

  4. Was there ever any doubt about the starters at receiver? Gruden himself said they didn’t draft these guys to stand on the sidelines. If one of them struggles early, look for Jones or Agahlor to step in right away.

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