Raiders Apparently Didn’t Sign Karl Joseph to Play the Position Everyone Thought

When the Raiders signed Karl Joseph, the assumption was that he would be the team’s temporary solution at free safety. The Raiders obviously had (and still have) a need at free safety, but it was interesting in Joseph’s press conference that he was never specific about how the Raiders planned to use him.

As it turns out, the plan for Joseph might be more about backing up Johnathan Abram at strong safety than roaming at free safety in Gus Bradley’s cover 3 defensive scheme.

A tweet on Thursday from The Athletic‘s Vic Tafur seems to suggest that Joseph’s role will primarily be at strong safety… and likely in a backup role.

It’s also possible that the Raiders could call on Joseph to play both safety positions, but if he was primarily signed to provide competition for Abram, it’s probably a safe assumption that the Raiders are going to take a free safety very early in the draft.

Contrary to any storylines the Raiders might be trying to push, Jeff Heath is not a reasonable option to be the team’s top free safety going into the 2021 season.

TCU’s Trevon Moehrig, on the other hand, would be a fine option.

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8 thoughts on “Raiders Apparently Didn’t Sign Karl Joseph to Play the Position Everyone Thought

  1. Yeah Abram is definitely still a liability until he matures a little. Jeff Heath is actually a better safety than anyone on the team right now with the exception of perhaps Karl Joseph. If we started Jeff Heath and Karl Joseph oh, I’d be happy.

    1. I agree, Heath and Joseph to start in September. It would be my choice to select Trevon Moehrig at 17, get a good right tackle in the 2nd. But, the best thing in my opinion, would be to trade pick 17 and move back. Greenbay would be perfect, pick 29 and 62 would yield:
      Round 1….pick 29
      Round 2….pick 48 and pick 62
      Round 3….pick 79 and 80

      If Trevon Moehrig is gone by 29, take a tackle and pick up a safety at 48. The draft gurus have Moehrig rated anywhere from 17 to 40.

  2. The Raiders are so effin stupid. Karl Joseph is a natural FS but they played him out of position trying to defend TEs like Travis Kelsey. Then later they move him to FS and he balls out, gets hurt and then they don’t re-sign him. Now they get a chance to make a wrong a right and they eff it all up…AGAIN! Last year they did the same thing with Henry Ruggs. They played him mostly in the slot. Why not use him the way Saban used him at Alabama? Ruggs got here as an outside receiver. Every big play that Ruggs had, like the winning TD vs the Jets was from the outside. But genius Gruden continued to force him in the slot. Ruggs was not successful because unlike a good coach, Gruden didn’t put him in position to succeed. Same thing with Abrams. They kept putting him at FS instead of his natural SS spot which got him here. Abrams can’t cover. So how can you blame him for the year he had? Gruden has 6 more years left on his contract. We as Raider fans are fuc…!

  3. Safety at 17? I’d go with one in the 2nd or 3rd, it’s a decent class. Jalen Phillips in the 1st, safety or tackle in the 2nd and other safety or tackle in the 3rd.

  4. Moehrig probably will turn out to be a good pro player but to just say he is automatically an upgrade over Heath is pure opinion. Heath was one of the highest rates defensive players per PFF grading. So it’s not like he sucked it up. He has starting experience and proven to create turnovers. Is he perfect, no, can you upgrade, yes. But is Moehrig guaranteed to play better than Heath as a rookie? Just because you want it to be true doesn’t always make it so.

  5. Abram is a bust. The Raiders know it I think. He is physically good but he doesn’t have the intelligence or discipline at this point in time. KJ has been signed to help him in the position of SS. Good luck with that.

  6. I am very disappointed in the Raiders off season moves. I thought Reggie made bad moves. Mayock is actually worse.
    First off getting rid of Hudson our all pro center was terrible. He was our best player and we get rid of him plus add to the salary cap. A real head scratcher. Furthermore it no secret our defense is awful, especially are front seven A pass rush is almost non-existent and we get trampled with the run game every year. Yet Mayock has FAILED to address this obvious need with the draft. He has drafted only ONE front seven player in the first 3 rounds since has been GM and this was a real reach in Ferrell. Leatherwood looks like a decent player, but we could have easily gotten him in the 2nd round. I was expecting the Raiders to FINALLY draft a a front seven defensive star to help our lack of defense, but in typical Mayock fashion. He fails to address a glaring need and again REACHES in the 1st round. If the Raiders finish worse than 8-8 this year. The GM needs to be fired.

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