Raiders CB Damon Arnette Played 20 Pounds Underweight Last Year

By just about anyone’s standard, 2020 was a disappointing rookie year for Damon Arnette. After dealing with a hand issue that led to surgery after the third regular season game, Arnette returned to the lineup in November, but was never as effective as he was early in the year.

As it turns out, it sounds like part of Arnette’s problem after returning from surgery may have been related to significant weight loss.

This image (and caption below) was posted by Arnette’s trainer, Akil Bordelon, on Instagram.

Arnette’s NFL combine weight was 195 pounds, so he has essentially gained back weight that was lost during the season. But if Arnette’s playing weight at the end of the season was anywhere near 173 pounds (as shown in the caption), it would explain some of struggles he was having on the field.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Arnette was able to re-gain the weight he lost. That is good news, but not unexpected. The bigger story is that he was playing about 20 pounds underweight last year – which is a big deal at his position.

Maybe a bounce-back year is in the cards for the 19th-overall pick from a year ago?

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5 thoughts on “Raiders CB Damon Arnette Played 20 Pounds Underweight Last Year

  1. And all along I thought it was the silly red chiefs hair…go silver young man.
    So he’s a bulked up 193, missed that key measurable at the “combine” and “The Ohio State” hype roster game day booklet…I’m trusting these guys less and less.
    Sounds like our new slot / nickel back.

  2. Can’t ‘bounce-back’ to a level you’ve never achieved. But hopefully he can stay healthy move up from rock bottom. Just being adequate would be a huge help.

  3. I’m not betting on a bounceback year. Maybe he can be a little more physical, but maybe he’ll also be slower. I hope it helps, though. The question I would have is why this happened. It doesn’t seem that a hand injury keeping someone off the weights for a couple of months would lead to someone his size losing so much weight.

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