Raiders Continue To Push Tone-Deaf Social Media Campaign

If the Raiders intent was to be sensitive to fans in Oakland, the message isn’t resonating on social media. Not only did the team reach out to season tickets holders for Las Vegas PSL deposits in the first 24 hours, the Raiders also offered an incredibly tone-deaf account of the reaction to their Las Vegas announcement…

Seeing how a few accounts were conveniently ignored, here’s an alley-oop to the fans who had their hearts ripped out on Monday.

There’s plenty of blame to go around as to why a stadium resolution wasn’t reached in Oakland and, in fact, the majority of fans tend to blame the city of Oakland.

Nevertheless, the Raiders should be diligent to remember the move to Las Vegas is life-altering for many fans in Oakland, but the last 24 hours have been more about collecting money and spraying champagne over a devastated local fan base.

So step up your game, Raiders. Get your heads out of the sand. It’s time to carry the fans that have carried your team in Oakland.

twitter: @raidersbeat