Raiders D-Line Turned In It’s “Worst Statistical Performance” of the Year On Sunday

The Raiders were hoping the Paul Guenther effect (the good one, that is) would show up on Sunday against the Bills and considering Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen had been sacked 8 times in three games, it seemed like a good time for the Raiders to at least resurrect their anemic pass rush.

The Raiders defensive line is one of the few healthy position groups on the team and defensive line coach Rod Marinelli is considered one of the best D-line coaches in the league. So there was reason to be hopeful that the defensive line might have a breakthrough against the Bills.

Instead, the Raiders turned in arguably their worst pass-rushing performance of the year, tallying just one sack (on 35 drop backs) and that sack took a full nine seconds to achieve.

“In terms of rushing the passer, Sunday marked the defensive line’s worst statistical performance of the season,” The Athletic’s Tashan Reed wrote on Sunday night. “It had one sack, which came in the fourth quarter and was largely the result of Allen running around and holding the ball too long. More notably, it registered just one pressure, according to data compiled by Sportradar. It had recorded at least five pressures in the first three games but has just 20 pressures and four sacks this season.”

The question now is, how long can Jon Gruden cling to the idea that Guenther will get things turned around?

The only thing keeping Guenther’s defense from reaching a Chuck Bresnahan-level of disappointment is the fact that the Raider offense is a top-10 team in terms of time of possession. If not for Gruden’s clock-eating capabilities on offense, it seems reasonable to assume the Raiders would be giving up far more than the 30 points-per-game they are averaging at the moment.

The Raiders travel to Kansas City this week and have a bye the following week. If Gruden is considering a change at defensive coordinator, the bye week would make the most sense in terms of timing.

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14 thoughts on “Raiders D-Line Turned In It’s “Worst Statistical Performance” of the Year On Sunday

  1. This raiders team is just not built to contend with good and better football teams I am a true raiders fan I have seen better raiders teams and this raiders team is not worth watching TV anymore I thought they were ready to turn things around this year but it was for the Wort . there too much money invested in this team and coaches to look like they do on the football field .I’m done looking at this team . good luck for better or Wort .

  2. Fire the focker (Guenther)! ..judas priest alreadys!! we fockin’ suck and swallowing at the same time!
    C’mon Raiders mgmt, make them fockin’ changes now, while the season’s still salvageable! SMFH!!!!

  3. Maybe they shouldn’t have fired the defensive line coach. We constantly do this crap!!!! We get rid of good coaches and wonder why we can’t win! We get mad at Carr but we also forget that Del Rio fired the offensive coordinator that sent our offense to the moon. Did the same thing to Carson Palmer. We keep getting coaches that don’t fit the talent on the team!!!!

  4. Well, one thing is for certain, we all know that what the Raiders defense is doing now is not going to cut it. Whether Gruden and Mayock make the change now or in the future is one of the only questions left to be answered. The next question is who. I think that it’s time to go outside of the organization and possibly make some additional changes, as well. This is an embarrassment to the league, the city of Las Vegas and Raider Nation. A new 2 billion dollar stadium alone deserves an excellent effort at the very least and no one believes that this is what they are currently seeing or getting from this team. The song that best describes what is going to become of the Raiders, on their way to building a successful franchise, is an oldie but a goodie by a group called the Grass Roots, Sooner or Later.

  5. They have been hit badly by the injury bug. However, I still wonder why they got rid of Brenston Buckner when he had the line turned 180* towards the positive. Marinelli should have been made the D coach but not replaced Buckner. However, at this point whos gonna be taking Guenthers spot? Also, Is Ferrell really looking like anything but serviceable? They had Josh Allen or Devin White available to them at positions of need. Then turn around and make some real strange picks in this years draft. Bowden and Muse. My God there was some way better talent on the board that could have been players for us. I thought those were some whimsical picks. I guess the jury is out on Muse still but Bowden isnt even playing where he was traded.

  6. They have a soft DLine. Gunther needs to get the linebackers and secondary involved with bringing pass rush help. Littleton has been a complete bust at linebacker. His coverage sucks and he hates contact. I saw him do the matador defense move more than once yesterday. I would move up Tanner Muse and the kid from UNLV and sit Littelton’s sorry *** down! There were so many impact defensive free agents that the Raiders could have picked up this last off season, but no . . the pass rush does not seem to be a priority to the Raiders anymore. Back in the day when the Raiders had great teams, that was Al Davis’s top priority. How many years has the lack of pass rush been an issue for the Raiders now? Far too long!!

  7. Defensively we are bad,really 👎,can’t cover no- one ,can’t pass rush,Nothing,got to rely on the Offense these first 4 games

  8. Gruden has to man up and regain his nubles! I makes no **** sense to me the he and Mayock are protecting non-performing players and coaches; while they continue to lie to ownership, themselves, and especially the fans! If Gruden is true to himself and all of Raider Nation from top to bottom…he will do what is necessary and right or resign!
    He and Mayock are still dealing with the AB after shock, and keep using the words character and live if football. When did the old Raiders have high character guts, but rather talented guys that knew how to win, and just won regardless of their personal or professional circumstances?
    Free agents that can help are available, trades are available, and opportunities to make drastic but much needed turnover is available.
    Do you guys believe that Trent Brown would be pulling this crap on Bellichek and the Patriots? Hell no…or Ciry Middleton on the Rams? Gruden and Mayock beg these big name guys to come, and then baby them and kiss their asses, instead of demanding that they do their job!
    In conclusion, nobody likes a looper and a loser…they both destroy the desire and determination to win. Sorry Gruden…but it’s time for your best buddy Geunther to go fir the team and the fans. Stop being stubborn and abusing your power and influence with ownership and do the right things! If the team matters and the fans mean so much to you…then isn’t it time fir change?
    Your best buds experiment isntworkibg and it’s killing the morale of the team organization and the Nation. Gruden…be a **** man that coaches to his full potential, and that always puts the team interest before his own. Otherwise, so back to the analyst booth and talk for your 10M…money talks and bs walks, so make up your mind Jon!

    ‘Winners never quit and a quitter don’t ever win!”

    Coach Wayne
    50t years for the Nation

  9. Nation …excuse my frequent typos, but you k is what I mean. Fat broken fingers from playing my *** off back in the day; to do any and everything I could on and off the field to help my team win. I learned from and played for HOF coaches, and have family that played for the Raiders. Curtis and James Lofton.
    I have been loyal and stuck with the Nation during good and bad times, but I agree with Derek Carr for once…I’m tired of losing, and it’s time to make organizational and strategic changes. Go Raiders…just win baby!

  10. They change coordinators, they change players, and schemes, and the results are always the same! But hey let’s blame Derek Carr! 🙄

  11. Jon Gruden was hired by Mark Davis who said, when he inherited the team, “… the only thing that I know about football is what I don’t know about football…” So, it’s no wonder that he gave away a 10 year 10 million dollar contract to Jon Gruden. What we are currently seeing with the Raiders is what happens when bluster, bloviation and false bravado rule the day. In the end, Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock and Mark Davis will be millions of dollars richer and Raiders fans will still be yearning for a winning record. It’s just the nature of the beast. Mark Davis has zero football acumen and neither does Jon Gruden or Mike Mayock. Hey, it’s Mark Davis’ money so who gives a ****? At least, after either leaving the Raiders organization voluntarily or being fired, both Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock will be millions of dollars richer and that will help ease and soothe any subsequent criticism that they are sure to receive. So, while we fans may be calling them whatever we choose, don’t forget to add multi-millionaires to that list. Money For Nothing, Chicks For Free

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