Raiders Don’t Have Much – Or Anything – To Lose By Adding Christian Hackenberg

Jon Gruden coached the Raiders to a pair of their best seasons of the last 30 years and he won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers, but for whatever reason, his return to the sideline has been met with constant criticism from what’s become a predictable contingent of media pundits.

The latest series of offseason nitpicking involved a trade the Raiders made on Tuesday.

Christian Hackenberg was drafted by the Jets in the second round of the 2016 draft, but based on some of the reaction, you would think Gruden traded to bring back JaMarcus Russell.

What Gruden actually got was the Jets 2016 second-round pick who was only added to bring more competition to Raiders’ quarterbacks room – at potentially no cost at all.

Maybe Hackenberg can be a decent NFL backup and maybe he can’t, but the Raiders are hardly tied to him.

Back in 2016, Gruden said he would be “shocked” if Hackenberg wasn’t drafted in the first round so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Raiders would be willing to give up a 7th-round pick for him two years later.

Whatever the problem Hackenberg had in New York, it was one that many quarterbacks have found with the Jets, and he doesn’t need to show up in Oakland and be a savior.

And for what it’s worth, Hackenberg definitely seems like the kind of player that will jibe well with his new head coach.

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2 thoughts on “Raiders Don’t Have Much – Or Anything – To Lose By Adding Christian Hackenberg

  1. There are a certain number of writers and analysts out there hoping Gruden will fall on his face . They long for it , get excited by the prospect and can’t wait to say ” I told you so” if it does . For whatever reason , they have chosen to pick with Gruden for everything from his coaching hires to what color socks he wears on a given day . If anyone but Oakland has hired him , some of these same people would be spouting off about how brilliant a move it was to hire him . It should also be noted that some of these same people have been waiting for Derek Carr to turn into a bust and when he didn’t they sat in a dry , dusty tree like vultures , waiting for 2017 to happen and descended quickly to pick his bones . They conveniently forgot or dismissed all the the rhings that went wrong for Carr before the season was even underway . They also dismissed the dropped balls , poor line play and the debacle that was Todd Downing . In much rhe same way , they forget all rhe factors that went into Gruden’s less than steller record down rhe stretch of his first career . Until Gruden wins or loses , it’s all garbage writing geared to have somerthing air worthy or print worthy and should be ignored by football fans who understand rhe game and have the patience to simply wait and see .

  2. This guy smacks of Jim Plunkett if you consider the nasty physical beating Hackenberg took the last 2 years at Penn State.

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