Raiders Fell Victim To Another Epically Awful Call On Sunday

The Raiders have played victim to some of the NFL’s worst officiating over the years – Sunday’s game against the Jets was just the latest isolated example.

This time the call came from the ever-confused Jeff Triplette.

It was a hard takedown by Bruce Irvin that led to the officials convening with 10:52 to play in the second quarter. Triplette emerged to make his announcemet.

“After the play, personal foul unnecessary roughness, number 51 defense.”

But here’s the problem. The whistle didn’t blow until well after the runner was on the ground and what’s worse – the tackle wasn’t even all that violent.

Here’s the video clip…

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11 thoughts on “Raiders Fell Victim To Another Epically Awful Call On Sunday

  1. It’s a bullshit call. Nothing will change as far as Raiders getting bad calls ,we just have to keep playing football. This call on Irving is par for the course. Don’t change anything.

  2. It led to a touchdown aswell. Score would have been even less for jets. And they got screwed with a couple other bad calls and some no calls aswell. Then the refs made a bad call on jets and we got one back. A terrible officiated Game I think we can all agree. We won and time to move on to next weeks game. Another big test comes with two weeks on the road. Even though we’re the NFL road warriors

  3. I agree with all of the comments about the bad officiating, we have n will continue to have to deal with the refs because it is apart of our history!!! My main concern is not stopping the running game and the lack of pass rush on the defensive side of the ball? The offense looks ready for a SuperBowl run, can’t say the same for the defense?

  4. Nothing new here…..the NFL and its officiating crew(s) have had (forgive my French) a hard-on for the Raiders for as long as I can remember….at this point I’d be shocked if the officials started even being fair with the Rauders let alone getting some favorable calls

  5. It was definitely a BS, I feel like there actually less BS calls on us nowadays then when Al was around though. I don’t think we can separate ourselves from the herd anymore as far as getting picked on simply because there are LOTS of teams that get screwed on calls, at least this wasn’t at a vital moment in a vital game. Triplette has always been flag happy.

  6. Bad calls go to Tennessee game and see offensive interference against Crabtree. I see worst not even called and that I believe this call was as much defensive as offensive Easy to see why Raiders get the most penalties year after year

  7. Either the NFL officials are horrible or they are on the take.
    Both cases are not good for the NFL.
    It is past time to clean house, hold them accountable, fire the faulty.
    Heck, there are a lot of good high school refs that can and do provide better officiating.

  8. The defense has improved this year but is far from where it needs to be for this team to challenge the other big dogs in the AFC . Unless they step it up in the coming weeks , the whole season could unravel very quickly . The offense won’t score 45 points against Denver or Kansas City . They have limited the amount of explosive plays so far this year but Denver and KC will challenge them downfield a lot more than they have been challenged in the first 2 games . They’ve got to button it up starting next week .

  9. This was a follow-up to the same penalty for a similar tackle the week before, which was arguably a good call. I think the refs are, as Irvin said, just focussing (targeting?) his play right now, so he needs to dial it down a little as far as tacking is concerned.

    This reminds me of all the attention Draymond Green got from the refs for a while, until he toned it down a bit.

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