Raiders Had Leakers, So It Looks Like No Scouts In The Building On Draft Day

In case you were hiding under a rock on Friday, the big news out of Raider-land is that the Raiders have sent much of their scouting department home and don’t plan to have them back before the draft.

The initial report, from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, said the decision came after Raider executives decided they weren’t sure who they could trust in the building to not pass along information.

“If you remember, there were a lot of leaks before last year’s draft, and I was the beneficiary of some of those,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur wrote on Friday. “I am not saying it was or wasn’t those d-mned scouts. The Raiders wanted Notre Dame tackle Mike McGlinchey with the 10th pick in the first round, and the 49ers took him ninth, it was documented that they were going to take UCLA tackle Kolton Miller or trade down for him, which they did.”

For what it’s worth, Raiders war room updates were also on the menu a year ago.

Maybe Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock are fine with the transparency, but considering Mayock doesn’t even trust his own daughter with a draft binder, leaks like the one above probably won’t be as welcomed moving forward.

As for next week’s draft, the scouting department is still full of Reggie McKenzie hires and Reggie’s twin brother is still a member of that group. Everyone in the building is seemingly paranoid and in this case there’s probably reason for it.


Not necessarily. More dysfunctional would be allowing other teams to have access to your draft plans. Or worse… giving soon-to-be fired scouts a seat in the draft room (where they may or may not be texting updates to the media).

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  1. tom cable IS in the building….and we all know he has zero problems putting people’s lights out when needed.

    let him find the scout who is gossiping like a bitch

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