Raiders Have Cap Problems in 2021, But Plenty Of Options To Clear Money From the Books

The Raiders still have a game left on the 2020 schedule, but for all intents and purposes the organization should be looking ahead to 2021.

Without question, the Raiders will spend every resource possible to address the defense, but as of now they project to be very limited in terms of salary cap space. According to, the Raiders are already over the anticipated 2021 salary cap. In fact, there are 22 teams that currently estimate to have more 2021 salary cap room than the Raiders.

So how can the Raiders solve their defensive issues in the offseason without cap room?

The answer, of course, is cutting salaries.

Four of the Raiders’ top six 2021 salaries played very little in 2020 and all could be cut or traded prior to free agency. Let’s take a look at the quickest way the Raiders can trim more than $40 million in salary before next year.

Tyrell Williams, $11.6 million

It is basically a foregone conclusion that Williams and his $11.6 cap number will be gone next year. His price and his injury history are working against him and the Raiders would much rather return Nelson Agholor.

Lamarcus Joyner, $11.2 million

Joyner played better this year, but $11.2 million is more than enough to buy a difference-making defensive player in free agency. Joyner was supposed to be a versatile cog in Paul Guenther’s defense, but he turned out to be an average slot cornerback for most of his time with the Raiders – and at 30 years old, his youth has largely abandoned him.

Marcus Mariota, $10.1 million

The Raiders didn’t get a great return on their $10 million investment on Mariota, but he does have trade value after three solid quarters against the Chargers. If they had more cap room, maybe the Raiders could afford to pay a backup quarterback $10.1 million, but the better idea would be to find a quarterback-needy team willing to offer a mid-round pick for Mariota.

Gabe Jackson, $9.6 million

Jackson was rumored to be on the trade block prior to the 2020 season and with the addition of 2020 fourth-round pick John Simpson, it would make sense to see the Raiders move on from Jackson.

Other Potential Roster Cuts

They aren’t as expensive, but Jalen Richard ($3.5 million) and Jeff Heath ($3.15 million), might make sense as potential roster cuts, as well. If he isn’t healthy next year, go ahead and add Richie Incognito ($6.35 million) to the list.

And how about this idea… another $14 million in cap space if the Raiders decide to dump Trent Brown. When healthy, he’s the best right tackle in the NFL, but only when healthy.

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11 thoughts on “Raiders Have Cap Problems in 2021, But Plenty Of Options To Clear Money From the Books

  1. I cut all them I’d keep Richie Incognito though I like Gabe Jackson maybe he can restructure

    1. Ever since Richie went down, pocket around Carr started to collapse …. Totally agree to Keep Richie

  2. Nobody on that list that shouldn’t be cut or salary restructured if they bring any enduring benefits to to Raiders. Good players like Gabe and Trent, as well as Marriotts can be traded for valuable draft picks and young talent. Everybody else can take a hike, and maybe some of those duds on defense can be traded elsewhere for a fresh start. There is no one on the entire defense that is a mainstay due to production. There is a ton of talent out there for trades ie Trent Brown for Quinn Willians and a second round pick; Gabe Jackson for a late first round or early second round pick; incognito needs to retire, trade Zay Jones and Littleton. Fact: We may have 7 players worth keeping on our entire team.
    It’s a new year and should be Gruden and Mayock last year to get things on the right track to advance in the playoffs. They should let the fans evaluate the coaches and players, and send the cut and keep lust to Mark Davis. Tine for Gruden and company to put up or shut up; to hire competent offensive and defensive coordinators, and Gruden and Mayock get to work to get the best players and deals possible, as they are hired and paid to do! No more excuses and slack *** coaches and players; that promise more each and every year, and all the Nation gets is less production and more disappointments.

    Happy new year Nation and let’s stop supporting mediocrity and snake oil rhetoric…tine to demand results or boycott the ticket box and merchandise store. Money talks and bullshit walks…just win baby!

    Coach L
    50 years with the Nation

    1. May I suggest you proof your comments before posting them so people don’t have read it 3 times to understand what you are getting at?

      That being said, I agree with much of what you said except for Littleton. In Wade’s defense, he was the leader. Made all the adjustments at the line and that defense kicked *** because Wade knows how to adjust to what players do best, not trying to force scheme on players. If anything, Gruden is too stubborn and didn’t want to admit he made a mistake in hiring Guenther in the first place.

  3. I hear what everybody is saying but the name that I dont hear is Derek Carr , every game we play the other team has the better Quarterback. Just saying.

  4. in the up coming draft the raiders need to get defence on line atleast 2 an agood linebacker that can cover as well tackel with a good pass rush you take presure off young corners an please dont draft any alabama offince players out side of henry the rest are a joke ruggs an judy from denver are worthless with guys like lamb an jefferson just to name a few that are good as i have said defence will keep you in the game

  5. Raider woes start with the owner, as always. “Junior” seems to love owning the team and the limelight of hobnobbing with other owners more than doing his homework on the best managers and coaches to actually run the team. Team futility year after year will never change until ownership changes. After 50 years of supporting this team, I now realize there is no hope–just my blind faith in it.

  6. I understand offloading Mariota but they better find a better backup than Peterman if they do. They’re almost guaranteed to lose every game he starts.

  7. Honestly the only two I would want to keep that to me are great pieces worth it Gabe Jackson and Trent Brown, now granted Trent Brown is a risk I think is upside is too much to let him go because what if he actually pulls it together he is one of the best tackles in the game.

  8. My post from 12-31-2017

    Recently, there has been some talk of John Gruden replacing Jack Del Rio as the Raiders head coach. That talk has suggested that Mark Davis could possibly pay John Gruden as much as 10 million dollars a year and offer Gruden part ownership in the franchise. Should any of this talk gain any traction, might I suggest, to Mark Davis, an option, or two, to afford Gruden. First, Mark Davis might consider invoking the Lemon Law;

    The “Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act” or “Song-Beverly” for short is a law enacted by the state legislature that basically says that a manufacturer must replace your vehicle or give you a refund if your vehicle has a defect that substantially impairs the use, value, or safety of the vehicle and the manufacturer has not been able to fully repair the vehicle within a reasonable number of opportunities.

    Derek Carr is certainly a lemon and secondly; the Raiders can save on Gatorade since they have signed Car for 5 years at 25 million per year, they will be drinking lemonade for, at least, the next four years.

    I have been a Raiders fan since 1968. Given that, I’ve seen the Raiders go through some good years and some not so good years. What Raiders ownership is really looking for, under the guise of having Gruden return to the Raiders, is leadership, plain and simple. Mark Davis is just an owner who inherited the Raider franchise, not a leader. Reggie McKenzie is an unproven x Green Bay management castoff, not a proven leader. Jack Del Rio is a marginally successful coach, not a leader. Gruden “was” a successful coach, with the Raiders, who inherited a ready made franchise, built by Tony Dungee, who lucked up and played against a team that he had successfully coached for the three previous years. Gruden knows and believes that he has unfinished business with the Raiders. Nothing would give him greater satisfaction than to return and complete his unfinished business, with the Raiders. As far as Gruden returning to the Raiders, I see “some” advantages and “some” disadvantages. First, the advantages;
    Gruden has won a Super Bowl.
    Gruden has the decided advantage of retrospection from years of coaching, years of sitting on the sidelines, years of observing how other teams have been successful and watching the mistakes other teams have made.
    Gruden was successful in Oakland, barring the Tuck Rule.
    Gruden’s experience far exceeds that of anyone presently on the Raiders staff, management included.

    Now, the disadvantages of hiring Gruden;

    Gruden, through his many comments as a commentator, has shown he does not connect with players.
    Gruden is a dictator, not a teacher.
    Gruden does not have an eye for talent, he needs to know the difference between pragmatism and optimism.This is defined as what something actually IS versus what he would like for it to be.
    Gruden does not have an eye for detail. This is evidenced by only he could have beat the Raiders, in the Super Bowl, after having coached them for three years but couldn’t duplicate that success again.
    Gruden is unimaginative and this team would suffer as a result.
    Gruden doesn’t listen to anyone but himself because he likes the sound of his own voice.
    Gruden is narcissistic and it’s hard for him to accept constructive criticism and believes that his force of will can conquer all.

    Should the Raiders hire Gruden; here are some suggestions that could facilitate a successful return.

    Hire, if possible, Tony Romo. Whatever else anyone feels about Tony Romo, he had figured the game out. Tony’s only problem was that his body had become brittle but mentally he knows the game and could be beneficial to Carr’s growth. After signing this kid to a five year 125 million contract, it’s obvious he will be there for a few years so the Raiders might as well get him some expert tutelage. Hiring smart knowledgeable people breeds success.

    Realize what every team that has ever won a Super Bowl knows, that DEFENSE wins championships.So make his first priority team speed on defense. It wasn’t that long ago that Von Miller showed us all what team speed, on defense, can do.

    Emulate success. Gruden and every other team in the NFL has had years of watching successful plays, for all situations. Have that high priced staff do their due diligence and spend some time reviewing and compiling successful plays run in similar situations and use them. Remember, Belichik changed the culture in New England and look at what he was able to do with a guy who was drafted 199th. Again, the secret of Super Bowl winners isn’t lumbering behemoths, it’s speed and versatility. Get a clue.

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