Raiders Have Derrick Johnson, But Still Interested In Mychal Kendricks

It sounds like it’s down to three teams for free agent inside linebacker Mychal Kendricks.

According to a report on Tuesday, Kendricks will make a decision this week after visiting with the Vikings, Raiders, and Browns.

Kendricks reportedly visited Oakland on Wednesday.

The Raiders could certainly use Kendricks, but it’s at least a little strange that they are interested in him, but weren’t able to get anywhere with NaVorro Bowman.

Kendricks (27) is younger than Bowman (30) and will surely be asking for more money.

As for their play on the field, Bowman and Kendricks are fairly similar in their strengths. Pro Football Focus gave Bowman a grade of 85.4 defending the run and 77.3 in coverage. Kendricks graded 87.4 against the run and 76.8 in coverage.

Reading into the Raiders interest in Kendricks a little more, it’s probably safe to assume that 1) the Raiders aren’t as sold on Derrick Johnson as they’ve been letting on and 2) Bowman is still in the mix as well.

Whatever the case, it would be nice to see either Bowman or Kendricks in silver and black.

Something about a 36 year-old linebacker playing a full time role in the middle of the defense just doesn’t sit particularly well.

For what it’s worth, this is where Twitter stands on the situation…

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