Raiders Have No Choice But To Move Their Highest-Graded Defensive Player Into A Full-Time Role

The Raiders might want to consider getting safety Jeff Heath on the field more.

On Wednesday, Heath was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week in large part because of his two interceptions against the Broncos. His second interception of the day essentially took points off the scoreboard from the Broncos, but the play before that interception literally did take points off the board.

On 2nd and 4 from the Raiders 5 yard-line, Denver quarterback Drew Lock scampered into the end zone for an easy score that would have put the Broncos ahead 13-10. Heath seemed to be outflanked on scramble, but sold a holding call (he was being held, but Lock probably would have scored anyway) that erased the touchdown.

Remember, Heath almost added another interception in the fourth quarter.

Kwiatkoski, you thief.

No Title

Look who would have had a THIRD interception if not for Nick Kwiatkoski…

The Raider defense matched their season total of five turnovers against Denver this week and Heath now has 3 interceptions on the season in only 181 snaps. Heath was the highest-graded defender in the NFL this week, according to Pro Football Focus, and is the overall highest-graded Raider defender on the season with at least 150 snaps.

For what it’s worth, Erik Harris (507) and Johnathan Abram (509) have almost triple the defensive snaps as Heath (181) this year.

Think it might be time for defensive coordinator Paul Guenther to put Heath on the field in a full-time role?

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4 thoughts on “Raiders Have No Choice But To Move Their Highest-Graded Defensive Player Into A Full-Time Role

    1. All four interceptions by white guys oh no first time in history, looking a little bit more like the 76 Raiders!!!! a little salt and pepper🤝🍻

  1. EricHarris #25 is trash the guy gives up 3rd and long like every game. Are first pick should be a FS and then D- Tackle. Heath should definitely start over Eric Harris. But im still.not sold on Heath as a full time starter. I would start him at FS the rest of the year and see how he does.

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