Raiders’ HC Rich Bisaccia Doesn’t Want to be “Results Oriented” all the Time

It’s that time of year where it doesn’t matter what the players and coaches say, it all tends to sound a little uninspiring.

There’s no flattering way to talk about 4 losses in 5 games, but interim head coach Rich Bisaccia did his best to remain positive after Sunday’s loss to the Washington Football Team.

“If you’re results-oriented all the time, then you’re just looking at the scoreboard and spending your life up there,” Bisaccia said in Sunday’s post-game press conference. “So there’s a process to what we’re trying to do. There’s a process to trying to improving every day.”

Bisaccia’s words aren’t going to be well received, but his message isn’t necessarily a bad one. It’s just that Bisaccia’s “process” over the last five weeks hasn’t been particularly effective. The Raiders seem to be getting out-coached a lot lately and not much about the team’s trajectory seems to be moving in a good direction.

After starting the season 3-0, Sunday’s loss dropped the Raiders to 6-6 and it felt like the game probably shifted the odds on Bisaccia’s future with the team. Raiders’ owner Mark Davis would love to keep Bisaccia and most of Jon Gruden’s staff, but at this point the odds are definitely against that happening.

The only thing that might save Bisaccia’s job now?

Just win a lot of games between now and January, baby!

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30 thoughts on “Raiders’ HC Rich Bisaccia Doesn’t Want to be “Results Oriented” all the Time

  1. Need I say more.GET RID OF CARR
    How many times can that man lose a game,and not get benched,even worse not get fired.If the raiders ever wanted to pull them selves out the gutter of the nfl they need 2 part ways with CARR it just shows the raider organization does’nt really care about winning

    1. Mark davis just needs to followed up on the 650,000 emails I bet even refs are on the emails, showing there true colors of taking bribes from nfl owners so Rauders can get bad calls I bet even even Brady n the parmtriots are there in the Tick in Rule against us in the Conferrence game the raiders wiyld won the SB. Mark Davis needs to big balls liked his The Late Al Davis That Man Didn’t take **** from 32 owners the Refs or anyone the commissioners. I bet any atty want that case causes it well blowed up on all owners n probably taje away wins and SB away from games that the Raiders shoukd of gotten..Go Fir It Nark Davis Be Like Your Dad but Have a Security Detailed around you and your Fanuly at all Times u cant trusted America rught now a bunch of crooked. Go Mark davis f
      Grow a pair of big balls of fires

  2. Its hard to assess performance of interim coach due to fact many aspects of teams performance is tied to prior coach. The inconsistent play occurring are still active traits from Gruden. While I disagree with Rich’s post-game comments I will say that its always difficult to gather data needed to make intelligent assessment when too much of what Gruden created is still very much engrained in this season.

    You must admit that this team while Gruden was still here was in process of decline and showed as team has of late that 1st half is very much a problem for offense production. I must say that interim coach dictates how changes are made and with that occurring in 1st half offensive futility then he must suffer the blame of that and can be assessed for those types of continuing deficiencies.

    My overall prognosis would be that this franchise requires a foundational change beginning with the worst owner in history. He has no clue whatsoever and it has and continues to cost us.

  3. No Wonder he has NEVER been a Head Coach during 20 Years as a Coach in the NFL. You’re a Nice Guy BUT… not results oriented all the Time??? This is Football on the Professional Level…. It is about Winning…. JUST WIN BABY!!!

  4. Yeh
    It’s just really sad.
    Listening to Deric Carr after the loss, it was easy for him to sound to move on cause no matter what happens,they are still making millions, while the fans shares the brant of not having a good product on the field.
    The same old Raiders!
    Nothing is going to change until Carr is gone.
    What have he done lately and the last 8 years!
    Keep on supporting him him cause he is another Mark Wilson who played for so long and no results!

  5. Not a very good head coach 4th and 2 ball in the redzone on the 15 I believe the D playing well show some confidence in the team and go for it you don’t make it they’re backed up instead he does what a special teams coach would do kick a field goal at some point you gotta grow a pair. You sign D Jax and start zay Jones over him I don’t want to hear he had 1 day of practice so what you play your best players ZAY Jones ain’t one Edwards has INCONSISTANT HANDS bad route running and slow but these are the 2 guys you start BAD COACHING, BAD SYSTEM, BAD GAME PLANNING OH DID I MENTION A 6-8 WIN A YEAR QB. PLUS BAD DRAFTING 6-11

  6. Please hire Harbaugh from Michigan!!! Olsen is a bad oc. How do some people get jobs in the nfl is beyond me.

  7. The refs don’t really give us much of a chance! Questionable call after Questionable call! Its the typical NFL vs the Raiders mentality! First they conspire to kick Gruden out then they literally extend drives against our D, like they are rolling out the red carpet for the other team to walk it into the endzone! Shame on them. LET THEM PLAY!!!

  8. Seriously? You’re 1-4 in the last 5 games, and can barely score and you don’t want to be “results oriented”? This dude is obviously not HC material. The sooner this disastrous season is over the better…

  9. There is no change on this team he could have put in Marcus Mariota in each game and possibly one each game that they lost it was the same old same old sure Derek Carr has good stats but stats don’t win super bowls Marcus Mariota has a diverse approach he’s mobile and he’s a winner it wouldn’t have heard it to put him in more often and maybe started in at halftime in each game because then the opposition would have never had time to study him a fresh approach if they don’t do something quick this season is over same old raiders why doesn’t Mark Davis just sell the team the Davis era is over

  10. Same old raiders they stink it up like always nothing new! Just win baby🍼. New stadium they still keep on loosing why even bother! Im gonna switch to a different team 😃

  11. I am sorry, but I noticed an attitude on the part of some players. I don’t know what it was
    but there was not a sense of urgency. It seemed that some players performed as if it was
    not a time to stop the slide. D. Carr appeared to be ready to turn it on. But he was not
    very convincing to some it appeared. At this point, change again may be imminent. I just
    hope that the players playing hard don’t continue to get injured. The team ownership needs
    to make a decision. Either you want to just show up and go through the motions. Or you
    want to make a “Commitment to Excellence” as “Al” would say, “Just win baby”

  12. Need a new quarterback
    Enough of Carr’s words instead of action results. Raiders lack a leader.

  13. The only decent coach on staff is Gus Bradley, the rest aside from DB coached, need to go. New HC, OC and QB who after next week will lose 5 of 6 games.

    What I do believe, whether Carr is loved or hated, there, playoffs are not in the cards again so why not play Mariota for the next 5 games. What exactly do we have to lose?

  14. I don’t understand this team or the coaches. They talk about developing young men. How about set some standards and hold players accountable. They’re professionals not Boy Scouts. And oh BTW we’ve been in more trouble than any other team and more penalties than most teams. What they say isn’t what they do and the quarterback is included here. He’s the face of the franchise and the captain who’s paid to be. Offense runs through him and they come out flat. His fault!!

  15. When I walch the offense of the Raiders they don’t look motivated like the defense and the offense is real weak for four guarters I like the idea of rotating players in each position on the offense to keep them going for four guarters watching the last time when they played the Chiefs they were just out played if you have a weak link in a chain it’s going to break at that point fix the link and you will pull together as a team

  16. We are feeling the effects of the “Hit-Job” the NFL did in assassinating our Head Coach. The supporting staff he brought in cannot “inspire” (kick *sses) like he could. Bisaccia is a nice guy; you know where they finish. Olsen helped make things work between the HC and his QB, but his play calling is exemplary of why even at DC he is out of his depth. Gus “cover three” Bradley is a bust; cure your cranial inversion and Blitz occasionally. All three of these men together, without Chucky, have nothing new to offer, make “same ol’/same ‘ol” an epitaph. There is no creativity or innovation in this coaching -support- staff. When the only consistency of any team is that Jekyll or Hyde either one can show up on a coin-toss, the problem is coaching. They are encyclopedic of “old-school”, but they are unable to take it to the next level. The NFL gets this “W”, and I hope Chucky takes them down and levels the field again.

  17. Same crap, different season. Nothing changes. Offense way too predictable. Defense can only do so much. Too many check down plays. Carr doesn’t give time for plays to develop. A lot of that is on our offensive line. Olson is the worst play caller EVER!!!! We need a complete overhaul of our coaching staff, with the exception of maybe Gus Bradley. I just don’t see a winning mentality on our offense. Have some balls, bench Carr, start Marriota , on 3rd and 5 or 10 or whatever, don’t have DJax on the sidelines. Get your act together and start wing some **** games!!!!!

  18. Go ahead Ezy Sleazy don’t let the door hit you in the *** maybe you should switch to the Forty- Whinners I think you would be a perfect fit. 😭

  19. It’s the same old stuff every year bad playcalling bad QB play & drafts, Now the HC doesn’t want to be results orientated what other way Is there the NFL Is a business just like any other. He’s got to go Carr has to go all Raider hired coach’s need there plane ticket home except maybe Gus Bradley enough is enough. Just plain idiotic

    1. No wonder why we lose a coach that don’t want results without results how can you win bruh he didn’t say that FORREAL did hee

  20. I’m say this about our Raiders. The Bears, Giants, Bengals, and the Washington football team were winnable games. You beat the Cowboys and the Ravens. What the world is going on here. Who’s to blame here. I look at the offense. They can’t score touchdowns. Now the defense can’t make the necessary stops for us to succeed. Right now, this whole organization is trash. 5 years of losing is enough. What I see on offense is three players working there *** off. The defense only four. You can’t win like this. I see right back in the rebuilding process. The next 5 games are going to be the fate of this franchise. Can’t afford another rebuilding season.

  21. RAIDERS can’t lose no more games .And they got Kansas City next. Hope RAIDERS could pull it off like when they beat the Cowboys . Hope, Hope Hope!!! Go RAIDERS!@@

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