Raiders Hoping For “Ideal Scenario” To Play Out Along Their Offensive Line?

When the Raiders drafted Kolton Miller with the 15th-overall pick, the immediate thought was that he’d probably spend a year at right tackle and next year take over for Donald Penn at left tackle.

While that is still probably the most likely scenario, The Athletic’s Vic Tafur believes the Raiders “ideal scenario” is that Miller play well enough to replace Penn immediately:

“The Raiders won’t say this, but their ideal scenario is that first-round pick Miller fits in quickly and earns the left tackle starting job. Then the money-strapped team can cut Penn and save $5 million off the cap.”

The idea of Miller starting at left tackle means he would be able to hold down the position as well as Penn (or close to it), but if that plays out there could be a new problem at right tackle.

Third-round pick Brandon Parker might be up to the challenge of starting at right tackle, but do the Raiders really want to protect Derek Carr with a pair of rookie offensive tackles?

The AFC West is loaded with some of the best edge rushers in the NFL and you can bet Carr won’t be complaining about having his buddy Penn protecting his blind side for one more year.

Based on reports, Penn’s rehab is coming along well, so Miller might have his hands full trying to win the job in the first place.

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9 thoughts on “Raiders Hoping For “Ideal Scenario” To Play Out Along Their Offensive Line?

  1. All of this hinges , obviously , on 2 things . Whether or not Penn comes back with the same ability he had before his Lisfranc injury ( his play was sliding before then ) and whether or not Miller is the real deal or if he is indeed a project that could require a year or 2 to develop . The worst possible scenario for Carr would be if Penn comes back isn’t very good but still better than Miller . If that happens , Carr should ask if he can take the year off while the team develops Connor Cook .

  2. Vic is full of BS speculation. Ideal to start a raw developmental project in Brandon Parker or a depth signing like Breno at right tackle? All to save $5M by starting another rookie in Miller at left tackle? Vic please!

    No way the Raiders or Gruden would risk their franchise QB for a paltry cap number like that. Carr gets hurt, season’s over. Period.

    How about that other great Vic insight on Alex Officer to steal a roster spot? Stop listening to this guy and spreading his BS.

  3. How is that even ideal what a joke!
    Save 5 mil in cap space and go in with two starting rookies lmao the scenario is laughable!

  4. How is that even ideal what a joke!
    Save 5 mil in cap space and go in with two starting rookies lmao the scenario is laughable!

  5. The ideal sinario would be for Miller to be ready to start right away at RT and be able to play at a high level, while Penn comes back healthy and still at his high level.
    Then, throughout the year, at least one other tackle (Parker, Alexander, Sharp, Kirkland, Ware) steps up and shows they can take over for RT next season. Then next year Miller slides over to LT, and the other guy is ready to start at RT, while the Raiders can let Penn go and save 10.5mil.
    That’s the ideal sinario.

    If it’s Penn not 100% at LT, and Giaminini at RT, we should be very scared.

    1. I agree with that…I had confidence in Alexander but…one more year with Penn and keep Carr healthy and upright. We should look to find KO or Hudson’s replacement soon to get the OL money down. Even though they are both studs like the other guy said too much money there.

  6. Miller and Parker are developmental players. I don’t believe they are ready for the NFL as of yet. If the Raiders have to go with either Miller or Parker in the starting lineup, Carr will be in serious trouble of getting hurt. If you watch film on Miller, that guy is soft and does not have good bend at all. Guys like Chub and Von Miller from the Broncos, Bosa from the Chargers, and Houston from the Chiefs will eat Miller or Parker for lunch. Carr will be crushed back there if the Raiders go with either Miller or Parker. Lets get this straight, I have no problem with the Raiders drafting Miller in the first or Parker in the third, but there is no way those guys are ready to play in the NFL.

  7. There’s simply to much money being spent on the O line, plain and simple. That cap percentage has hindered the raiders ability to address areas on their defense with players they truly want. So it is very ideal to the raiders to replace Penn’s contract with Miller’s that’s a huge win for the team in terms of the ability to effectively pursue people of interest. Now of course all things must be considered but to suggest the thought of that is a joke just shows an inability on others part to see the WHOLE picture when it comes to running a franchise.

    1. Obviously we are not running it correctly. I get the money issue and everything you are saying but what some people don’t get is the transition from college to pros is a tough one for most rookies. Especially when viewed as projects. Now to believe that two rookies are going to just step in and start versus the superior pass rushers of the AFC West is ludicrous. Ok I’ll just call it a hope and a prayer. There is the financial aspect of the team and then there is the football side! Soooo either way it is a gamble.

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