Raiders Likely To Be In Oakland “At Least” Three More Seasons

With preseason football officially underway, the stadium discussion in Oakland has taken a back seat to live football. Nevertheless, Mark Davis’ search for a new home continues behind the curtain and information on the matter is limited, at best.

Davis allegedly told a group of fans last month that his plan was to move the Raiders to Las Vegas in three years. Although Davis may not have been speaking on the record, Raiders television host and Fox Sports radio host, JT The Brick, seemed to confirm the timeline.

“If you believe the Raiders could come to Vegas, if you believe that, it wouldn’t happen for three seasons at least,” said JT The Brick on Monday during his Fox Sports radio program. “They haven’t even picked a location in Vegas, so the Raiders will be playing in Oakland most likely this year, next year, and the year after that.”

If this timeline is accurate, the earliest the Raiders could land in Las Vegas is the 2019 season – and that, of course, is assuming a fluid process.

After essentially being run over by the NFL and Stan Kroenke, some believe Davis wants to follow a similar tactic and make an aggressive move to Vegas. Of course, the NFL would still have to approve the move, and it’s unclear how that scenario might play out.

As for Oakland, the political process and Raiders ownership remain at a stalemate. If there’s progress being made on a project in Oakland, it’s happening quietly behind closed doors – and both sides are putting on a championship-level poker face. 

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7 thoughts on “Raiders Likely To Be In Oakland “At Least” Three More Seasons

  1. The Raiders should move to the city of Vallejo
    On Mare Island. Plenty of space for them and close
    to the practice field they use in Napa.

  2. Honestly I’m at 21 years season ticket holder and I’m about Fed Up with the Raiders move scenario if he’s going to move just move the f****** team if not stay where you belong in Oakland. But stop dragging your fanbase along you have a long list of people waiting to buy Raiders season tickets the parking lot is sold out and you’re still leaving us in limbo personally I think it’s a bunch of crap you should go with loyalty at some point in your life. And tell Libby schaaf to get off her *** and get something done before she loses all that tax money that comes in from the Raiders in the NFL every year. that will crippled that part of town more than it already is

    1. Mike you said it all. The Raiders don’t deserve the fans they have. I got fooled as a season ticket holder when Al owned the team. I won’t buy any tickets any more. Fool me once, it’s your fault, fool me twice, it’s my fault.

    2. This comment of mine, is in support of MIKE from 6 HOURS AGO: MIKE said: “And tell Libby schaaf to get off her *** and get something done before she loses all that tax money that comes in from the Raiders in the NFL every year.”
      I agree, for who in the heck is this LIBBY SCHAAF anyway. If a politicain, then IF she doesn’t quit the BS, she’ll get herself ‘booted out of being mayor’, and all she does is TALK. Every stadium across America/and in the mainland, and probably even over in Hawaii, require TAX PAYERs MONEY. Where it would have been less, those years ago, when she first started this mess, now the ante is higher, and BECAUSE OF HER…she doesn’t even have a clue about ‘honesty in words’, cause she says ‘we’re close, or we’re working hand in hand with the Raiders’, when in all reality and in fact, she hasn’t done a single thing about her sitting down with Mark Davis to do a rebuild or otherwise…

  3. Let’s play football on and off the field. First we need to learn what’s the truth about Oakland.
    Second we need to find the truth about the NFL.
    Lastly we need to see why hotel owners are not jumping at the opportunity to get this team a home in Oakland.
    Let make a difference in 12 months not wait until the 36th month. Let’s play football baby.

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