Raiders Media: Encouraging To See New Coaching Staff Actually Coaching

Generally speaking, if you want fluffy stories about your favorite team, the best place to visit is the team website.

That’s true of the Raiders just like it is every team, but Raiders’ senior writer Eddie Paskal offered an interesting take on this year’s coaching staff that sure seemed to be directed as much at the previous coaching staff.

“I know it sounds kind of silly to say,” Paskal wrote on “But it’s been really encouraging to see the Raiders coaching staff actually coach throughout OTAs and the Offseason Workout Program.”

Paskal’s observation ironically comes on the heels of a similar report in The Athletic on Monday.

“Norton and head coach Jack Del Rio were big effort guys the last three years, and not very hands on at practice,” Vic Tafur wrote via The Athletic.

“The team didn’t get a lot of out its draft picks the last three years and general manager Reggie McKenzie is hoping that changes with Gruden and Guenther, and that those players weren’t just bad picks.”

Not to keep beating the dead horse that was the Jack Del Rio era in Oakland, but the more time that goes by, the more clear it’s becoming why the Raiders’ season went flying off the tracks in 2017.

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4 thoughts on “Raiders Media: Encouraging To See New Coaching Staff Actually Coaching

  1. In 2016 they went as far as they did cause of talent not coaching. The talent is still there. Pair that up with some good coaching and its going to be amazing.

  2. JDR and KNJ’s ‘effort’ approach is for high school. In the NFL if you have to motivate a player after paying him 10x more money than he’d ever make doing anything else…then you have a problem.

    Find the guys who are self motivated, cut the rest, that’s the only tried and true approach in the NFL.

    1. Before we cast stones.let’s see how this coaching staff delivers. We can review it on November

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