Raiders Might Be Fortunate That Windy Weather is in the Forecast on Sunday

On paper, the Raiders don’t stand much of a chance against the Chiefs this week on the road. Kansas City has more experience, better players, home field advantage, and presumably the officials on their side.

But if there is some cause for hope, it might be that the elements on Sunday could actually favor the Raiders. Cold weather isn’t typically great news for the Raiders, so the 37 degree high temperature might not help, but with winds forecast to be 20-30 MPH, the Raiders might actually be able to limit the Chiefs vertical game. If the game comes down to the more effective running game, the Raiders should have an advantage. Josh Jacobs is a better runner than anyone on the Chiefs roster and the Raiders no. 12 ranked running game should hold up to the Chiefs no. 22 ranked running attack.

Defensively, the Chiefs have the 30th-ranked run defense in the NFL and are giving up a whopping 5.1 yards-per-carry this year. The Raiders haven’t been great at stopping the run (no. 14 rank in the NFL), but they are giving up a full yard per carry (4.1 YPC) less than the Chiefs on the season.

Furthermore, the Chiefs most dynamic weapon and the league’s most popular domestic abuser, Tyreek Hill, is coming off a hamstring injury that could cause him to be more limited in cold weather (if you’ve ever pulled a hamstring, you understand).

If the Raiders do somehow beat the Chiefs (and close out the AFC West with wins), they would very likely hold the tiebreaker with the Chiefs because of a better conference record. Remember, the Chiefs still travel to New England this year, too. Not saying it’s going to happen, but if the Raiders beat the Chiefs this week, there’s a good chance Jon Gruden and the gang will hold the tiebreaker with Kansas City if their regular season records end up being the same.

Just something to think about.

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4 thoughts on “Raiders Might Be Fortunate That Windy Weather is in the Forecast on Sunday

  1. You can tell that you are a biased b**** towards chiefs they’re a better team than the raiders and they’re going to stuff Jacobs you shouldn’t even be a writer putting in stuff against the chiefs it doesn’t matter except for the stats

  2. Your remark about Tyreek Hill is not funny by any means and unwarranted. Unless you have definitive proof of the abuse by him you may want to keep your ignorant fucking comments out.

  3. I love it 🤘😂😂🤘 most popular domestic abuser. I can’t believe he’s still in the league, but Andy Reid is pretty influencial. I think the Raiders with have a hay daybon the ground and if Mullen and Worley and collaborate with Salt and Pepper then we might have a fighting chance. I see the upset on the horizon. Mark my words

  4. Bo Strickland, you can tell you’re biased against using punctuation and writing coherent sentences in English.

    The windy weather very well could and– most likely– will have an impact on today’s game, so even though it’s not a”stat,” it definitely matters. I hope it matters most to KC as the wind causes a FG that could’ve iced the game to sail wide in the 4th quarter and you watch as that missed FG leads to a Classic Raiders Comeback. Perhaps then you’ll learn a valuable lesson about the weather phenomenon known as the Autumn Wind and how it can render “stats” meaningless.

    It is funny though, that you claim the Chiefs will “stuff” Josh Jacobs today, yet the “stats” say that it’s much more likely that the Chiefs run D gets beaten like they’re pregnant with Tyreke Hill’s baby.

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