Raiders Moving To Zone Blocking Scheme Under New Offensive Coordinator?

When the Raiders promoted Todd Downing to offensive coordinator, few expected the 37 year-old to make significant changes to the offense.

As it turns out, there’s at least one significant adjustment Downing has already made – the Raiders (in week one at least) seem to heavily favor a zone blocking scheme.

It’s possible the change was initiated by the arrival of Marshawn Lynch (Seattle featured a zone blocking scheme with Lynch) or it could be a change in philosophy under Downing. Austin Gayle of Pro Football Focus noted that the Raiders ran outside outside zone concepts on 7 of the 8 carries by running backs other than Lynch.

Considering the Raiders have one of the heavier offensive lines in football (the starters average 327 pounds), it would be a credit to the athleticism of their touted big men to find success in a zone blocking scheme, but one game into the experiment and there’s not a bad review to be found.

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4 thoughts on “Raiders Moving To Zone Blocking Scheme Under New Offensive Coordinator?

  1. I hope Oakland punishes the Jets.

    The fans need as much great football as the team can provide this season and next. All touchdown balls should go into the stands (kids) and the access to the team before and after games should increase enough as to not interfere with them getting the job done. I know this isn’t about the article, and no I’m not an Oakland resident, but I’ll be sad when they leave. So every home game needs to be a party. AND A VICTORY!!!!

  2. 90% of Raiders fans don’t even know that Mr. Raider coach Flores is hurt right now…… he needs our thoughts and prayers…. other than #4 and# 52, he is the one single most important Raiders, and most people don’t even know who he is!!!!

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