Raiders Offensive Line Giving Up Fewer QB Pressures But Twice As Many Sacks As A Year Ago

Of all the crazy stats around the Raiders offense this year, this is easily the most confusing.

Offensive coordinator Todd Downing believes the Raiders are “close” on offense and this stat may support his theory – or it may not. There is literally no conclusion to make other than that it’s bad.

According to Pro Football Focus, the offensive line is actually protecting the quarterback better than a year ago, but the Raiders are taking twice as many sacks?

Oakland quarterbacks have been sacked 13 times in six games – on pace for more than double the number of times they were sacked a year ago (18).

It’s a head-scratcher if there ever was one.

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1 thought on “Raiders Offensive Line Giving Up Fewer QB Pressures But Twice As Many Sacks As A Year Ago

  1. The reason there’s more sacks then pressures is bc the OL is allowing a sack almost every time they get pressure, which counts as a sack. If they were able to hold off the defender from getting the sack, it would be considered a pressure. Less pressures and more sacks doesn’t mean the OL is playing better, the exact opposite actually. The more sacks an OL allows, the worse they’re playing. Period.

    Now, Carr has been forced to hold the ball longer, bc defenses know the WR’s are only running 5 – 8 yard routes, so they sit in the throwing lanes so Carr can’t throw there. So the scheme is killing the OL more then anything, and that’s not to mention TD switching the OL scheme/focus from primarily inside zone/power to primarily outside zone, which the OL is struggling with.

    Todd is trying to use a west coast system w/o the most important aspect’s of making it work; play action and deep passes. Throw some of that in there, and defenses won’t be able to sit in the throwing lanes, opening the short pass and the run. The Raiders have literally used play action the least of any team in the NFL. The next team to use play action the least is the Steelers, who have used it almost 3 times as much as the Raiders!? Wtf!?

    If TD wants the offense to be successful in any facet, then he’ll implement much, MUCH more pay action and deep passes into the game plan. He has to, or the offense will continue to be a turd.

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