Raiders Owner Mark Davis Has Four Huge Decisions Looming

It has been a disastrous two months for the Raiders, but the challenges for owner Mark Davis have just begun.

Davis will essentially spend the next two months making more football decisions than some NFL are forced to make in a decade.

Here are the potential jobs at stake in Las Vegas – and it’s always possible the list can grow.

General Manager

At the start of the season, Mike Mayock essentially acknowledged that he was on the hot seat. Then Jon Gruden got fired and it looked like he might have gained a little job security.

But now that the Raiders have lost both of Mayock’s 2020 first-round picks in a span of two weeks, there has been a little extra attention on the team’s last few drafts – all of which have underwhelmed in the first round. Mayock doesn’t have a lot of strong draft picks to stand on at the moment and losing is only amplifying the team’s subpar draft picks.

Head Coach

Everyone is rooting for interim head coach Rich Bisaccia, but nothing is coming easy for him right now. Two weeks ago he looked like a shoo-in for the job, but the Raiders are on another two-game losing skid and the schedule doesn’t get any easier in the month ahead.

If Bisaccia is fired, the majority of the coaching staff will probably be out the door with him… which would presumably mean another rebuild.

That will be a lot for Davis to consider.


From early-season MVP candidate to… who knows what’s next for Carr?

He has another year on his contract, but it would be a surprise if Carr showed up for another lame duck year – especially if the organization is still struggling to find direction.

If the Raiders want to roll with Carr, are they ready to fork over $30 million a year? If not, there will be plenty of teams happy to do so.

Team President

Former team president Marc Badain was forced to resign prior to the season (or that is rumored to be the reason at least) and team president is just one more item on Davis’ plate moving forward.

It might not seem like a big deal, but how many owners will be shopping for a new team president in the next few months?

Maybe Davis can just shuffle around and give everyone a new hat…

Promote Carr to team president, move Bisaccia to general manager, let Mayock coach the team, and Jon Gruden can finally run his offense the way he likes… as he is now the new quarterback.

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24 thoughts on “Raiders Owner Mark Davis Has Four Huge Decisions Looming

  1. Raiders have no chance of winning as long as Carr is the starting qb.The pat his stats to make him look good,but what good are stats when you cant win?So many qb’s have been fired for less loses than Carr has.He is another Jeff George,a complete waste of money

    1. Great freaking point Jeff! Thank you!!!!!!! I keep saying the say think, never cared for CARRBAGE since he was drafted! So many people disagree with me, but hopefully now they see. They gave him one of the biggest contracts and he hadn’t even done anything to prove he deserved that kind of money!

      1. Somewhat agree He has had good games then not good. Everyone of us thought he was really solid with Coop, then D comes in with Mac , pretty good games but O line always out injured , same this year , we have a few practice squad on the O line It takes a TEAM is what I’m saying

  2. So how many people in the Raiders Organization have you ever talked to? I can answer that 0 because you don’t have access to them. All you can do is spread rumors. How was it that you decided to cover the Raiders? You think at some point you would have supported something the Raiders have done but you don’t. Every move is wrong you don’t like the owner, GM, QB, any draft pick, hated the coach and coaching staff. The raiderbeatdown go cover a team you actually like because it’s not the Raiders

    1. You can fire everybody you want put the blame on everyone but the one person who is to blame for all of this debacle is the owner he needs to be stripped of his team and the hell while we’re at it let’s put a black gay woman owner in the Raiders

      1. Yes mark Davis is incompetent a bumbling idiot I wish his sister could take over because he is clueless When it comes to football and aslong as he’s the owner we’re going to be the raiders we always been

  3. Yes i think it depends on what happen with the team win lost records ok but for sure.i would keep Carr is the best things.for the team unless they go get Dasush Watson’s than no they could get.a young q b to set down and.learn from DC for at less two years coach is a big question but i the offense q b coach / corners from Tampa bay BL too early for now Raider’s can still wil and they must go after D Adame for DC it a must yes

  4. NFL has built a case against Davis… Jeff Bezos want an NFL team… Guess is what is gonna happen.

    Davis will be charged with conduct unbecoming an NFL owner and forced to sell…

    Bezos will swoop in and buy the Raiders

    NFL is a corporate machine… They will get what they want… Mark Davis’s days are numbered. Nobody like him and nobody will back him…

    Davis is a dead man walking

  5. Derek Carr is not worth any additional money. Despite what many have said, he is not a top tier quarterback. They should package him with Damon Arnett and trade them both to Houston for Deshaun Watson. Carr is too inconsistent and he has happy feet when under pressure. As long as he’s the starter they will never be anything more than average!

      1. Yesterday, Carr played better than last week for sure , this game he didn’t throw
        Tone of those 1foot ( or less) passes like last week by throwing down field , but again, it’s not all Carr not playing well, he does what can with no O line protection

  6. Lane Kiffin head coach. Keep Mayock as gm. Ask Gus Bradley to stay DC. Kiffin decides to keep Carr or draft Sam Howell or his Ole Miss QB. Go Raiders!

  7. General Manager:
    When a team hires a tv analyst as it’s General Manager the results are pretty much predictable or at least if things don’t pan out, no one should be surprised. Mel Kiper Jr must be salivating at the prospect. Move over Pavlov’s dog.

    Head Coach:
    The good news is that there are some very viable and even competent people out there that could fill this position. The bad news is that the Raiders organization has not shown or demonstrated a propensity for discerning who those people are. To be continued….

    While I am absolutely certain that should the Raiders not sign Derek Carr to a long term deal, again, there are teams that are willing to, as this article states. This summer, Kurt Warner produced a video that showed where Derek Carr could make improvements and become a more effective and efficient quarterback. Surely, Tom Brady was the beneficiary of Bill Belichik’s coaching, scrutinous eye for detail and technical expertise. Derek Carr, on the other hand, has not been so fortunate. Derek Carr has been at the crossroads between becoming a great quarterback and routinely dwelling in mediocrity and marginality for years now. Will he ever transition to the other side is anyone’s guess but for certain, Kurt Warner’s video about what Derek Carr could do to become better is the independent variable.

    Team President:
    I don’t think that anyone would disagree with the statement that Al Davis was a maverick and a trendsetter. Al Davis relied on his own will and intuition when it came to making decisions about the Raiders, Before it was popular, as if it is even now, Al Davis hired a woman, Amy Trask, when no one else would or thought it prudent to do so. Long story short, should the Raiders, Mark Davis, decide to go retro, if she would accept it, he should go with Amy Trask. She is undeniably knowledgeable of professional football from an insider’s point of view, has history with Al Davis and loves the organization. However, should the Raiders decide to move in another direction, we all know that Al Davis would have no problem bucking the trend and appointing someone that almost certainly everyone else would be dismissive of.

  8. Completely clean house, get rid of Carr, I’m sorry he is not worth 30 million, to many bad decisions to many fumbles in critical situation, coaching staff needs to be realign with the attitude of winning. Leatherwood get rid of him to many off sides, defense can do so much. offense I’m sorry really are no threats cannot score in the red zone. Depending on field goals to win game. The key starts at the front office and find mature players who are dedicated who really wanting to win. As of right now I have raider fan for man years, I’m sorry I don’t see it.

  9. If we don’t make the playoffs then all coaches have to go except Bradley; Bradley’s the main reason y our defense is playing so well but Not as of late but with that being said he(bradley) deserves another year. Mayock deserves 1 more year cus I wanna see what he can do at picking players w/o gruden getting in the way. If mayock gets fired along with ALLLL COACHES then I want Carr to either take a significant pay cut or trade him for high draft picks. # TEAM FIRST! IT’S ABOUT THE SHIELD

  10. I agree. Especially if Raiders keep losing Davis is going to have to basically start another rebuild. Being a Raider fan is tough. Feels like we’re constantly rebuilding. Mayock and Bisaccia gone if we are are losing. I’ve always been a Carr supporter but I think Raiders need to move on from him as well. Draft a Qb and roll with Mariota

  11. I think we move forward from Derek Carr Abram is not the safety that we need.. once again we’re at Bay with another that year the fan support is great the team is horrible

  12. I surely hope that he considers selling the team. Because I think he’s actually made the team worse than when his dad passed away! Something I just didn’t think was possible to do , as bad as the team was at the time. With the new stadium, the team value is at an all time high I would think. Anyhow, based on his decision to give Gruden complete control and a ridiculous contract, he’s out of his element!

  13. First off he need to keep carr. Hire gruden back find kenn Jones then he will win a few championships and be at peace

  14. I predicted before all these facts were on the table that Mark Davis will lose this team and the evidences of this are showing up now of this as the sharks circle this genius, who inaugurated their new stadium the “Death Star.” Davis Jr. should try this again but not wonder why the organization is imploding as he eats the fruit of his ignorant words. In fairness to Mark the origin of this snake bitten condition falls upon Al Davis who acquired this team by crook as the two bit street hustler from Brooklyn that he was. He acquired the control of the team in less than honest, ethical or moral means from Wayne Valley by stabbing him in the back while he was out of the country under business partnership law, giving him total control of the team with only then 25% of the stock. Can you say “ill gotten gain,” as a usurper you may start off well and the Raiders did, but it will never end well and it is not for the Davis family legacy. No good comes of ill gotten gain and this is the origin of this curse. Forget about it, Mark will lose this team the way his family acquired it as they die by snake bite in the desert. A cautionary tell, you reap what you sow and no the ends don’t justify the means, neither will the Davis family ever have a happy ending to this legacy of acquisition via crooked dealings. No you know why though it was before you born, seek the truth and you will find knock and the door will be opened to you. It will not be found in this desert nor with a football team.

  15. The NFL Office needs to step in and assist the Raiders in their decisions moving forward. The league stands to lose just as much, if the Raiders lose the fan base in Vegas. They worked hard to get the Raiders into Vegas. I, also hope the Raider Alum will intervene a cast to assist Mark Davis in his Choices of HC, GM and Team President. I feel hiring Louis Riddick should be hired in some capacity. Two names to keep an eye are Brian Dabol and David Shaw. Also Jim Harbaugh and Winston Moss.

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