Raiders Prized Defensive Free Agent is Their Lowest PFF Graded Defender Through 2 Weeks

The Raiders knew they needed a transformation on defense after last year (or more accurately, the last 15+ years) and that’s why they were so aggressive in adding defensive free agents in the offseason.

The prize of their free agent class was Cory Littleton, who possesses every attribute the Raiders were looking for in a linebacker. He is young, fast, tackles well, and maybe most importantly, Littleton has been excellent in coverage over his career.

Unfortunately, however, there have been some growing pains (or maybe there is a more accurate term out there somewhere) for the former Rams linebacker in Paul Guenther’s defense. Through two weeks, Littleton is the Raiders lowest graded defender according to Pro Football Focus analytics. So far, he has given up 10 receptions in coverage (one behind Lamarcus Joyner, who leads the team) and has nine tackles to his credit.

The Raiders defense looked better in the second half against the Saints on Monday night, but they will need a lot more of that as the next four quarterbacks they face are Cam Newton, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Tom Brady.

Of course, getting back Littleton’s linebacker running mate, Nick Kwiatkoski, would benefit the defense, as well. But between injuries and inconsistent play, the Raiders haven’t gotten much return on their money spent at linebacker through the first 120 minutes of the season.

Hopefully, that will change soon.

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13 thoughts on “Raiders Prized Defensive Free Agent is Their Lowest PFF Graded Defender Through 2 Weeks

  1. The reason you can’t give this too much credibility is because they gave Drew Brees a higher rating for the game the other night than Derek Carr so sounds like they’re turning into Raider haters or they already are.

    1. The media is full of Raider-haters, for sure. They seem to especially hate Carr. That’s OK, it keeps a chip on the Raiders’ shoulders. It seems like every time the Raiders get people believing in them, they start on a losing streak. So let them keep on hating, and the Raiders keep on winning.

  2. I watched both games, but really keyed in on Littleton (#42) on monday. Not sure why, although i have theories, but Little was consistently one of the LAST players to the ball.

    Now maybe teams are scheming away from him, hence being so far out of the play…every play every time….maybe

    Maybe he is POd about his salary being restructed

    Maybe he needed time to learn a new D with an abbreviated offseason

    Maybe…he just got paid and really dosnt GAF anymore.

    Whatever the reason it is apparent that something needs to happen if LV has hopes of shutting down offenses like the Chiefs.

  3. This week, the Las VegasRaiders NEED a spy player to follow Cam Newton and that player SHOULD BE Corey Littleton. He has the size, toughness speed and physicality to tackle Cam Newton better than anyone else on the Las Vegas Raiders defensive line.

  4. This is indeed disturbing. Last year it was Joyner and this year it’s Littleton. Something is wrong and I think it has to do with the scheme and the way the player is being used. It has to be the coach.

  5. Does anyone expect either Erik Harris or Lamarcus Joyner to get any better, at their respective positions, this season? I don’t and think that the Las Vegas Raiders should give serious consideration to bringing in Ha Ha Clinton Dix and Earl Thomas to shore up and possibly improve this defense. For sure, only time will tell if Joyner and Harris can get their acts together but in the interim, with all of the additional cap space that the Las Vegas Raiders have, why not bring in a couple of veteran players for added insurance? I do believe though that if the Las Vegas Raiders defense turns out to be the “weakest link,” on this team this season, that Paul Guenther may be looking for a new employer possibly before this season ends.

  6. To all of the Raider haters you can kiss my tan Italian *** especially the ones in the AFC and the ones in the NFC you can go f–k yourselves and to all of you Dumbass power rankings people don’t jump on our nut sack after we beat the Patriots Sunday you can shove your rankings up your *** the Raiders mean business this year just win baby R A I D E R S 😎👀👀👁👀👀💪👊👊🏈🏈🏈🏈🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽

  7. Why is “P.Guenther” still running our “DEFENSE” OR Is he??
    Were the half time changes by his replacement & they are just not saying anything yet???
    Why do we have this Bugel- Reject still on our up coming team??
    What creditibility does he have??
    How many championship teams has he coached??
    Besides bringing all the has been from cincy- who were definitely garbage players???.
    What has he done??
    Hasn’t coached anyone up??
    Doesn’t know how to change zip on the fly or make adjustments??
    Does Gruden owe this clown anything??

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