Raiders “Probably Higher” Right Now on Byran Edwards Than Henry Ruggs

The Raidert lost Nelson Agholor to the Patriots in free agency, but it seems they aren’t quite ready to turn over the offense to their two second-year receivers. Former Bills receiver John Brown will join Jon Gruden’s offense in 2021 and it remains to be seen which wide receivers might end up losing snaps to Brown.

It’s worth noting, however, that the sophomore wide receiver on Gruden’s roster with the most to prove to the coaching staff might be the one they drafted 12th overall less than a year ago.

“To me it may show that the Raiders are probably higher on [Bryan] Edwards than they are on [Henry] Ruggs,” Raiders insider Vic Tafur said last week on the State of the Nation podcast. “I think they probably have less doubts about Edwards being able to have a big year. Probably have a little bit of concerns still about Henry.”

For what it’s worth, Brown brings a lot of the same dynamics to the Raiders’ offense as Ruggs. Both are slightly undersized and among the fastest receivers in the NFL. Edwards, on the other hand, is bigger (6’3, 212 pounds) and much more physical than both Brown and Ruggs. GM Mike Mayock expressed some disappointment after Ruggs’ rookie season and we know the team wants the Alabama speedster to add strength and improve his route-running in the offseason.

There is a lot of time between now and September, but the Raiders’ depth chart at wide receiver will definitely be something to keep an eye one.

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7 thoughts on “Raiders “Probably Higher” Right Now on Byran Edwards Than Henry Ruggs

  1. Before the 2020 draft, it was widely known that Ruggs wasn’t a polished route runner. To me, the disappointment lies at the feet of Jon Chucky. Two draft picks last year were chosen based on imaginary scheme fit, yet one was traded Pronto, and now there is doubt on the sideline about the other wideout. Give Ruggs some intensive route training, and spend some time figuring out how to use the kid. What was obvious to me last season was the ineptitude of our head coach.

  2. The question with Edwards is whether he can stay on the field. If he can and he is diligent about improving his craft, the path is open to him being a legitimate #1 receiver in this league. All of the receivers need to be spending every day with #4 to work on their chemistry. I could easily see Edwards manning one side and Ruggs and Brown splitting snaps on the other side with Renfrow working in when they go 4-wide.

    1. He needs to learn how to protect his legs. Maybe not fight for that extra yard if you already have a first down. He needs to anticipate the contact and not have his legs get pinned or trapped. Get airborne before contact, you will get blasted but not broken.

  3. Good God man, can you infuse anymore speculation, evidence-less opinion, and/or conjecture in an article? The entire article is “probably” this, and “probably” that…

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