Raiders Scouts Clocked Damon Arnette’s 40 Time at 4.43 in Indianapolis. Were They Right?

Raiders GM Mike Mayock was on SiriusXM NFL’s Movin’ the Chains on Wednesday and he discussed each of the Raiders 2020 draft picks.

Mayock said the Raiders are very pleased with the competitor they are getting in first-round pick Damon Arnette and addressed the former Ohio State cornerback’s modest 4.56 40-time at the combine. Mayock said Arnette plays faster on the field than his electronic time at the combine, but also said the worst hand-timed finish the Raiders got on Arnette was 4.43.

Obviously, the electronic time is exact (the computer isn’t wrong) so why do teams still use their hand times at the combine?

First, the 40-yard dash is a very much an exercise that requires training. Not every player at the combine has mastered the launch (nor will they need to in the NFL) as the electronic time begins at the player’s first movement read by the sensor. Even a slight wasted motion on the line can translate to a slower time.

In theory, the problem with electronic time is that a slight wasted motion on the track doesn’t necessarily translate to a similar wasted motion on the football field.

For that reason, hand times can have some value.

Looking back at Arnette’s run at the combine, what time do you get using a stop watch?

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@OhioStateFB CB @Damon_Arnette runs a 4.57u 40-yard dash. 📺: #NFLCombine on @NFLNetwork 📱:

In 10 tries (by 10 different people surveyed) we found times anywhere from 4.37 to 4.53 – all of which were predictably a little quicker than Arnette’s electronic 4.56 at the combine.

Just for fun, post the time you get (from the video above) for Arnette in the comment section below…

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18 thoughts on “Raiders Scouts Clocked Damon Arnette’s 40 Time at 4.43 in Indianapolis. Were They Right?

  1. They should have two times being recorded, a full 40 then a 30 yarder starting at the 10 when they are at stride, or even use GPS to get thier top speed.

    This idea that all FB players can come out of a sprinters stance and provide an accurate indicator of playing speed is a bit questionable. Have them do a start that relates to how they will play the game.

    With hundreths of a sec. playing a roll in draft status, they really should make this more focused on actual playing speed. IMHO The Forty is a Dinosuar given todays tech.

  2. did it 3 times: 4.43 twice and 4.45 once. Tape always wins out, and tape shows him worthy of a high selection. He’s a dawg, that is a complete corner.

  3. 4.43
    but notice that at the 20 yard mark, where he goes from head down 50 degree sprint to the 85 degree sprint – he does it all at once and completely flat foots his left foot. Doing all in a quarter stride, either by mistake or maybe muscle strain, cost him 0.25’s of a second. This is one seriously fast man.

  4. Nonsense. What DB runs forward for 40 yards ffs? Its about flipping your hips and footwork and handwork and position.

  5. I defer to the scouts. It’s what they get paid to do. It’s interesting to see fans times posted off tape. But I choose to trust the scouts!😁

  6. 4.4 and that is worthy of a 1st round pick. I’m very happy of this pick and feel that our GM and Head Coach did a hell of a job once again with this year’s draft!!! Las Vegas Raiders nation for life!!!!!

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