Raiders Seemed to Send a Message to Johnathan Abram With Their 2021 Draft

The 2021 NFL draft is in the books and the Raiders have received mixed reviews for their draft haul. First-round pick Alex Leatherwood was considered a “reach” by many, but the addition of Trevon Moehrig in the second round was arguably one of the best values in the draft.

The Raiders had a huge need at right tackle and safety going into the draft, but they sent a special message to their safeties with three of their seven draft picks.

Not only did the Raiders draft three safeties (we’ll see what positions they play in Gus Bradley’s scheme), but it’s worth noting that they traded up for two of them – giving up a good amount of draft capital for the opportunity to add Moehrig and Tyree Gillespie.

The dust had barely settled from the draft and the Raiders announced on Wednesday that they were releasing veteran safety Jeff Heath. Heath played better than Johnathan Abram for most of the 2020 season (albeit at free safety), but the Raiders have a first-round pick invested in Abram so he’ll get another year to prove his worth. In the meantime, Abram surely got the message that his leash on the roster is shorter than ever as Divine Deablo (pick 80) and Gillespie (pick 143) are both capable of playing strong safety.

For what it’s worth, Abram was the lowest-graded defensive player on the Raiders’ roster in 2020, according to Pro Football Focus (among players with at least 200 defensive snaps). His role will be a little different in a new scheme, but Abram’s lack of discipline repeatedly showed up as his most notable weakness. If the new defensive coaching staff can make a more disciplined player out of Abram, his first-round talent has never been something holding him back.

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9 thoughts on “Raiders Seemed to Send a Message to Johnathan Abram With Their 2021 Draft

  1. Forget that crap!!! What about THIA all you Derek Carr lovers????

    Aaron Rodgers Could Immediately Turn Raiders Into Contenders

    Originally posted on The Raider Ramble

    By Carlos Sanchez | Last updated 5/6/21

    Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks of this generation. ( No question there. ) Although he once helped the Green Bay Packers win a Super Bowl, there are reports he no longer wants to play for the Wisconsin team. Should the Las Vegas Raiders try to trade for him?

    Not long ago, Rodgers told some within the Packers he doesn’t want to go back to Green Bay, per Adam Schefter of ESPN. Later, a report arose different members of the team’s brass met with him to mend things. Alas, the 2005 first-round pick has made it clear he won’t budge. As a matter of fact, he told prospective free agents this offseason he wouldn’t be with the Packers, per Mike Garafolo of NFL Media. Moreover, he wants to get general manager Brian Gutekunst fired, per Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports.

    So let’s say the Packers facilitate a deal, why should the Raiders acquire Rodgers? Simply, he’s a top-two quarterback that can make everybody around him better. On the other hand, incumbent Derek Carr is talented but needs everything going in his favor for him to succeed. ( and a degree of maturity and vision that he will NEVER obtain )

    Meanwhile, Rodgers gets the Packers into the postseason year in and year out. ( an UNDISPUTED FACT ) Even more surprising is the fact he does it despite the fact Green Bays seem more interested in looking for his replacements rather than actually putting a good team around him.

    There’s the Jon Gruden factor.

    Do you want another reason for the Raiders to acquire Rodgers? Head coach Jon Gruden. The man also known as “Chucky” is hyper-competitive and demands the most from his quarterbacks. His unrealistic expectations ( and NOT A CLUE how to use what he does have available to him ) tends to burn his players out ( because he doesn’t know what he is doing ) unless they are as competitive ( full of **** and false bravado ) as him. Do you remember Rich Gannon? He says that if players want to succeed under Gruden, they need to be as driven and competitive as him.

    “It takes a special guy to play for him because he is so intimately involved. He’s so passionate and if you don’t have that same passion and drive, it’s not going to work.“

    Do you know who fits that profile? That’s right, Rodgers desperately wants someone to coach him hard.

    “I said, I love being coached, love talking football with smart coaches. I love the input, the dialogue, the conversation, I love feeling like I need to play well for my coach, like he is expecting me to play well.”

    You could argue Rodgers is a diva and difficult to work with and you’re right, he can be overwhelming but if someone can keep his ego in check and channel that talent of his, it’s Gruden. In fact, Gruden and Rodgers could be a match made in heaven. ( because if Gruden tells Rodgers some bullshit that he doesn’t agree with, Rodgers would have no problem telling Gruden that he doesn’t know what the **** he’s talking about and to shut the **** up, and Gruden would have to listen and defer to his 3 time MVP quarterback )

    Trading for Aaron Rodgers would be worth it. (NO QUESTION)

    The Raiders passed up the chance to draft Rodgers in 2005 ( thank you Reggie McKenzie, asshole ) and instead they took Fabian Washington ( and where is he now? ). They may now have an opportunity to land him, but how much would it cost? ( whatever it is, it’s worth it ) If Las Vegas is serious about acquiring the three-time league MVP, they should offer Carr and two first-round picks. ( goodbye and good riddance )

    You could argue first-round selections are the primary means for a team to add talent. However, picks are only as good as the men drafting ( imagine that television analyst, Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock ) and the Raiders don’t have a good record of using them in recent years ( the ABSOLUTE UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR since Gruden and Mayock came to the Raiders ). Moreover, the Los Angeles Rams have shown they can get around without first-round picks ( again, you have to have a brain first and know what you are doing, second which only proves what MOES Gruden and Mayock are ). In fact, the last time they had one was back in 2016 ( and how many have Gruden and Mayock had and more importantly, what have they done with them and we all know the answer to that).

    Some general managers treat first-round picks as the ultimate way to get better ( to badd that logic hasn’t helped Gruden, Mayock and the Raiders have a winning season). If that’s the case, why not use those premium resources in one of the three best quarterbacks in the NFL. Rodgers is 37 and isn’t getting any younger. However, if Las Vegas can squeeze three or four great years out of him, the trade will have been worth it. ( Rodgers could make even dumb *** Gruden look good )

    The Raiders have a good quarterback in Carr. On the other hand, they could have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get one of the best ( great ) ones. Yes, the difference between borderline top 10 and top 3 is significant. Think about it, for ‘4’ to reach his potential, he needs to be surrounded by talent.

    There’s no doubt the Raiders can be good with Carr at the helm. However, Rodgers can take them to the next level. They have a promising team in place, they now just need a quarterback that can make use of all the weapons they have at their disposal. If they had the chance to pick between Carr and Rodgers, who do you think they would pick? (yeah Derek Carr lovers, WHO would you chose?)

    1. So after all of that, tell us how likely it is that Rodgers could tell Mayock and Gruden how to run the team? As well, do you suppose that Rodgers is impressed with the way the Raiders have been managed? I understand that Rodgers is insulted and all that, but how likely is his destination landing spot a team that hasn’t made the playoffs for 4 years and has had one of the worst defenses in the league? Then there is the sticky issue of cap space.

    2. I haven’t been a Carr lover since before he broke his leg and been advocating for change even if they just let Mariota play! The guy at least brought excitement to the offense in one game then Derek brought all season! Didn’t hear any mention of the lack of any serious pursuit of the greatest quarterback of all time in the often hated Tom Brady when he was available! Head cases aside because I do believe Rodgers needs to be coddled with that inflated ego of his, but I also believe it would serve the Raiders and us fans well to pursue him at all costs if he becomes available! God Bless Al Davis, God Bless The Las Vegas Raiders and God Bless The Raider Nation!🙏

    3. I would do anything to get A. Rodgers. He could easily play another 5 years. If Denver gets him the Raiders are in for a very long season and Carr would be done anyway so make it happen.

  2. William shhhhhhh…

    Getting back to the topic at hand, Diablo is a linebacker not a safety so we really only drafted to safety and we needed two safeties the only thing is I don’t understand releasing Heath and keeping Dallin Leavitt. I would have definitely released Levin

  3. My only comment: “Rodgers is 37and isn’t getting and younger” (none of us are). However, if the Las Vegas can squeeze three or four great years out of him, the trade will have been worth it.” I agree with this, and more importantly, if Rodgers really commit to the playing at high level longer, that three or four years could easily turn to six or seven years…

  4. sir, love your passion, but you need to fact check yourself: McKenzie wasn’t the GM in 2005….McKenzie’s first draft as the Raiders GM was in 2012. Regarding Rodgers as an upgrade over Carr, he certainly would be, but Rodgers couldn’t overcome the pitiful defense that the Raiders have rolled out over the past decade. Let me give you some facts on how some First ballot HOF QB’s have fared with Defenses that were ranked 20th or worse……Drew Brees, 9-times he’s had to work with a Defense ranked 20th or worse, and his W-L record during those 9 seasons, 68-76. How about your boy, Rodgers, he’s had 5 seasons with a 20th or worse ranked Defense, and his W-L record, 37-41-2. Here’s some more: Stafford, 7 x’s, 40-71. Rivers, 3 x’s, 17-31. Ryan, 5 x’s, 38-45. Lastly, Derek Carr, 7 x’s, 47-63. You want to give up multiple #1’s, that would seriously hinder the ability the franchise to get more defensive talent, not to mention the Cap hit that Rodgers would garner over his 2-4 seasons. Teammates matter, and Defense certainly matters. You can blame Carr all that you want, but in his 7 years, you tell me, how many Pro-Bowlers has he shared a locker room? you can count them on 1 hand.

    1. Really interesting comment. Thanks for taking the time to provide that info. Will the Carr Haters Sorority shut up? Nahhh

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