Raiders Should Consider These Things Before Trading Derek Carr

If he hasn’t decided already, Jon Gruden has three days until the trade deadline to figure out what he wants to do with Derek Carr.

If he’s leaning toward a trade, Gruden will have hopefully found the time to consider a few factors. Because he reads the website daily, Gruden’s free guideline to consider before trading DC is written out below…

– One of the biggest mistakes the Raiders made in the Khalil Mack trade was the timing of the ordeal. They could have gotten the same compensation after the season and enjoyed one more year of the league’s best defensive player.

If Gruden wants to trade Carr, do it after the season, but before the draft. No need to rush a decision now.

– Unless there’s a veteran quarterback Gruden knows he will like, the Raiders might have to wait until 2020 before they can snag an elite college quarterback in the draft. By most accounts, the 2019 draft projects to be a down year for quarterbacks expected to declare. Do the Raiders really want to risk showing up to Las Vegas without a quarterback?

– What impact would trading Carr have on the locker room? You can bet the decision wouldn’t be well received. What players remain from the 2016 team know his value. Carr missed nine quarters of the 2016 season and the Raiders were outscored 74-20 in that stretch.

– Suppose the Raiders did get two first round picks for Carr (that’s what it’s been rumored he might bring), they would have SEVEN first-round picks over the next two years. Assuming the Raiders hit on 4-5 of those picks, good luck managing to keep them around for a second contract. The Raiders had enough trouble trying to figure out a way to pay two premier players.

Sure, that would be a good problem to have, but what if those guys start holding out and/or requesting a trade before their contract is up the way Mack did?

– How much more can the fans take? Carr, Mack, and Amari Cooper are the three players that put the Raiders back on the map. Derek, in particular, has been the face of the organization and is still less than two years removed from a league MVP-level season.

With all that in mind… maybe the best plan at this point would be to see if Gruden can clean up his current mess rather than let him make it even worse. Don’t you think?

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9 thoughts on “Raiders Should Consider These Things Before Trading Derek Carr

  1. Maybe Jon can clean up his current mess? His? With that big contract, Jon received a lot of money and one awful team. We all knew it was a two year tear down then a two year rebuild. When I said we all, I mean people who know football, which makes up about 15% of the fan base. The other 85% are idiots who get drunk in the parking lot and have Raider tattoos and predict Super Bowls every year.

    1. Gruden could have went a much better route then tearing down the team mid season. He could have the same exact draft, kept everyone he traded or cut, and competed for the playoffs this season. Granted, he wouldn’t have went all the way, but it’s not like Raiders were bare bones on talent. Next off-season, build more through the draft, supplement in free agency. Wash, rinse, repeat. No sense getting rid of a generational talent. Draft well and those 2 twenty plus mill a season contracts become manageable.

    2. Sorry, but, despite being tatooless or drunk, I disagree that a full 4 year rebuild was/is needed for the Raiders. That already happened with Reggie, when the entirety of that period was necessary specifically because of the horrible cap situation that he inherited.

      As for the team Gruden inherited, whether they were his guys or not, the team has/had a decent foundation in both players and contracts to start with. Any team with this level of interior 3 OL locked in for years is an awesome start for any coach. Lynch, Richard, Cooper, Cook all are key players on any decent offense, and Carr is above average in the right system with good talent around him. Yeah, the defense is a hot mess, but it’s not devoid of young talent either with Conley, Jelly, Lee and (you’d think) Joseph to build around. With the draft focused on OTs and DL, this team could have been a year away from contending after adapting to the new systems and getting the right extra FAs to round out gaps.

      I do think that some combo of Mark Davis wanting to gut any looming deals that would require guaranteed cash up front and Gruden’s ego wanting to dump all RM guys regardless of ability are overswings that will cause an additional year of rebuild. Time will tell, but I’m not seeing this as yet another 4 year restart. By that time you’re missing the window for the OL playing at peak, and you don’t win SBs without a dominant line.

    3. What In Grudens career makes you think he’s capable of drafting guys like Carr, Cooper and Mack his history has shown his drafts have been Worse than McKenzies. How are the Raiders expected to pay 5 first round picks in 5 years with Carr still on the roster? He did inherent a bad roster with terrible over paid overrated players like Bruce Irvin but that roster was capable of winning and a good coach is responsible for making that happen, not trading guys you can build around

  2. If the Bears pick next year is in the top ten who is to say they would have still traded for Mack ( a year older) next offseason. The trade was a gamble but we still don’t know whether the timing was bad or good based upon the Bears record this year.

  3. Wow you miss lots of key points. Mack for 1 was more likely than not going to sit out the season. He pretty much doubled his income. Yes they had a problem paying two premier players because they found out Carr is closer to eli manning than peyton manning. In today’s NFL the formula to winning is simple….well simple in plan. Have a top7qb like brady, Rodgers, breed, manning, rothlisburger, newton, ryan or have one on rookie deal….wentz, Wilson, Prescott, mahomes(mahomes and Goff listed because they will play eachother in SB…..trubisky listed because it enabled them to trade for mack…..7 first round picks and the cap space that would be available after carr, K,O, Irvin let’s say are jettisoned that’s 120mil in cap. I would take Nick Bosa and an extra 1st along with the 20mil in cap space saving 10/10 over k.mack. we could end up with Bosa or Oliver hell maybe both and or devin white and have cap to sign joyner or dix and or an 2e dge like clowned or Lawrence.

  4. Hear hear! I was with idiot Raider fans during Jons presser in January. They were actually saying that’s it we are goin to the super bowl! I said yes, maybe in year four. I reminded all the fans the roster was crap, needed complete turnover. But you can’t reason with idiot fans.

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