Raiders Still Have High Hopes For Gareon Conley Next Season

Because of legal matters and a mysterious injury, Gareon Conley’s rookie season was one to forget.

There were also questions about Conley’s dedication and attitude toward the end of the season but as talent goes, a source said Conley was “by far” the Raiders best looking rookie in the offseason.

”[Conley] is the real deal. He just needs to get on the field. Wait ‘til you see him at full strength next year. He’s going to be exciting”

Looking ahead, David Amerson and Sean Smith are strong candidates to be released by the Raiders and T.J. Carrie, who played surprisingly well this season, is about to enter free agency.

What that means is the Raiders desperately need Conley to be who they thought he was when they drafted him. Judging by the way he looked in limited action (and apparently in the offseason), he might end up being worth the wait.

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6 thoughts on “Raiders Still Have High Hopes For Gareon Conley Next Season

  1. Reggie should have skipped him and moved on to the next best CB – Tra’Davious White or King. Why gamble with a 1st round pick?

  2. I sure hope he can come back and prove his worth. But let’s be honest. Reggie hasn’t got the greatest record when it comes to drafting CB’s and LB’s.

  3. How could Reggie pass up on a guy as talented as Tra’Daviuos White? That kid is a Beast. Another talent we let slip away(#2 Jamarcus Russel over MegaTron)

  4. Reggie has earned my patience. His work on getting the Raiders out of “Cap Purgatory” & building a COMPETITIVE roster has been nothing less than masterful. Not all draft picks work. McKenzie’s living with our memories of the wreckages named Gallery & JaMarcus. What I saw on the field in Conley was special. It was a very limited look, but the kid looked like a blanket. I have NEVER seen a corner in Oaklnd stick a reciever like that & my #24 Woodson is still in my closet. In Gruden I trust. Let’s see what they can do #RAIDERS4ROQUAN

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