Raiders Still Have Significant Cap Room, Here are the Free Agents Players to Watch

It seems like free agency in the NFL has come to a standstill, but the Raiders still have needs on the roster and are sitting on enough salary cap room to be a little aggressive.

As of now, it looks like the Raiders have just under $12 million in cap room. Most of that figure came from Marcus Mariota’s willingness to take a hefty pay cut. But a week after adjusting Mariota’s contract, it’s still a mystery how the Raiders plan to use their newfound cap space.

Josh Dubow on Twitter: “Over The Cap has some updated #Raiders numbers. Andre James’ cap hits are $2.5M in 2021 and $3.5M the next 2 seasons w/ no dead money if cut in 2023. Overall, Raiders have $11.8M in cap room. They need about $3.5 to sign draft picks for offseason so still a little room for a FS / Twitter”

Over The Cap has some updated #Raiders numbers. Andre James’ cap hits are $2.5M in 2021 and $3.5M the next 2 seasons w/ no dead money if cut in 2023. Overall, Raiders have $11.8M in cap room.

The obvious deficiencies on the roster right now are at right tackle, safety, and most would include cornerback on that list, as well.

There are a handful of veteran tackles still available in free agency, but most are more accomplished as left tackles. The Raiders looked into former Steelers LT Alejandro Villanueva, but his preference is to play on the left side and that may prove to be the case with others, too.

The thinking for now is that the Raiders best options at tackle will probably come through the draft as this year’s class is well-stocked at the position.

But what about safety… will the Raiders finally make a move for a free safety?

Malik Hooker, 25, and Duron Harmon, 30, are still available and so is former Chargers safety Tre Boston, 29. Boston played one year with Raiders defensive coordinator Gus Bradley in 2017 (San Diego) and posted a career-high five interceptions that season.

At cornerback, former Steelers CB Steven Nelson, 28, is available, but so are two others who have a lot of familiarity with Bradley: Richard Sherman, 33, and Casey Heyward, 31.

Not making any predictions (on second thought, that’s exactly what this is), but one of the aforementioned names figures to be on the Raiders roster by the time the draft rolls around. Maybe even two.

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9 thoughts on “Raiders Still Have Significant Cap Room, Here are the Free Agents Players to Watch

  1. Levi Damien
    April 1, 2021 2:39 pm

    It’s April Fools Day. The day where every headline should get some side-eye. And if it’s the slightest bit shocking, dismissed outright. The Raiders have had a few shocking developments of late which, had the news come out today, no one would believe it. But they’re real. They really happened.

    Jon Gruden made case for not trading Khalil Mack

    Yes, he did make this case. Although, it was inadvertent. Back in 2019, when he was asked about the Mack trade, he made his case by listing off a bunch of players the Raiders wouldn’t have had they not traded Mack. When viewed now, it sounds like he’s making the case to keep Mack because all the players he listed ended up busts with the Raiders and are now no longer with the team.

    “If we did come up with the money to make the [Khalil Mack] contract happen last year, we wouldn’t have… Trent Brown, we wouldn’t have Antonio Brown, we would not have Lamarcus Joyner, we wouldn’t have Vontaze Burfict, and we wouldn’t have Tyrell Williams.”

    I mean, this along with the whole “Good pass rushers are hard to find” comment from a few years back and… Woof.

  2. Finally some analysis on this site that is accurate and I confirm it will go down like this without divulging more details. This is how this site and writer can hit a new level and actually help this team. I went from a Writer to an insider as such with accurate analysis as this and I don’t have to write anymore, they know who I am. You can speculate, carnival bark, chase rumors and shadow puppets, or you can break it down before it happens like this as I did long before this writer. Keep breaking it down like this and good job, it will unfold as such and I if I say more I reveal the Raiders hand. You know the name……………..

    Raider On!

  3. ii think the raiders need to draft a offince with a high draft pick outside of quarterback most important on team i also think that drafting a cornorback or safety is riskey i would trade for or buy one that is established in that position and i still think stay away from alabama players they are not that good away from the rest of their team

  4. I just hope we sign one of them so all the whiny little new fangled millennial RAIDERS supposed fans will shut the hell up….F them….go RAIDERS

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