Raiders Veteran Guard Richie Incognito Says He Has Been Training Like a “Track Athlete”

Richie Incognito has been the oldest offensive lineman on the Raiders’ roster over the last two years. He has also been the highest-graded offensive lineman on the team over that time span, according to Pro Football Focus analytics.

One of the keys to Incognito’s success at this late stage in his career seems to be his distinctive offseason training regimen. He talked a little about that workout routine this week on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

“What he do out here is really unique,” Incognito told Sirius XM NFL’s Movin’ The Chains radio show. “I see a lot of guys on Instagram training in boxing and doing all this stuff, which is great, but I really think our method is awesome. We’re out here training… and what we do is train as track athletes. Every day is a different emphasis… we go out on the field and run for an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. Each day is a different focus. One day is top end speed mechanics. One day is moving horizontal and doing offensive line type movements. One day is all agility. One day is speed. We really have a good method of training.”

For what it’s worth, Incognito said he also lifts weights for 60-90 minutes a day on top of the aforementioned track training. So he is still working as hard as any lineman in the NFL at the age of 37.

For as much as has been made about Incognito’s character over the years, he continues to be one of the most respected players in the Raiders locker room. Certainly there are a few young players on the Raiders’ roster that could stand to adopt the old man’s approach on and off the field.

So much for him not being a decent human being.

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3 thoughts on “Raiders Veteran Guard Richie Incognito Says He Has Been Training Like a “Track Athlete”

  1. Richie, like many of us, had some bad stuff in his noggin. Unlike many of us, he recognized that he needed help to grow through that bad stuff, and worked at it hard enough to succeed. Much respect to the guy! Waller, and now Mad Maxx have revealed going through tough problems and growing as good human beings as a result.

  2. If he can overcome an Achilles tendon injury at his age, he is an absolute stud. I’m a little skeptical he will be back to where he was, but he took a pay cut to come back so even if he ends up as quality depth behind a draftee, that will be OK. He seems to be in a good place mentally and can be a stabilizing influence on some of the new players. That said, right now the Raiders offensive line would be a shambles without him starting as Miller is the only returning starter from the beginning of last season. James might be OK, but we can’t be sure, and contrary to what some people on here think, Denzelle Good was less than mediocre last year (56.7 grade, 56/80 guards per PFF). So the entire right side of the offensive line needs to be replaced in the draft, even assuming Richie gets back to his form from 2019.

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