Raiders Want Henry Ruggs To “Play Faster” Next Year

The Raiders got a few big plays out of Henry Ruggs III this year, but the team would like to see more consistency from their first-round pick in 2021.

Ruggs, who will need to add muscle in the offseason, struggled against more physical cornerbacks and his route running wasn’t quite as polished as advertised.

“Ruggs did have some important deep catches in wins over the Chiefs and Jets, but has to work on his route running and getting off the line against press coverage,” Tafur wrote for The Athletic this week. “While the 5-11, 188-pound Ruggs is obviously fast, the Raiders want him to play faster, especially in getting in and out of his breaks. It’s the biggest reason fans didn’t see as many slants or intermediate catches as anticipated.”

It will be interesting to see how the Raiders asses the overall development of Ruggs and fellow rookie wide receiver Bryan Edwards, because Nelson Agholor is just weeks away from hitting free agency. Agholor led the Raiders’ receiver group in just about every meaningful stat this year and given Jon Gruden’s affinity with veteran wide receivers, it seems unlikely that he’s ready to fully embrace a youth movement at the position.

Just a guess… look for Agholor to be back with the Raiders next year. He might not come cheap, but if we’ve learned anything about Gruden in the last three years, it’s that if he’s going to take any risks with the roster, those risks are probably going to happen on the defensive side of the ball.

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15 thoughts on “Raiders Want Henry Ruggs To “Play Faster” Next Year

  1. The raiders need to face the facts.They need to get rid of Derek Carr before they can even consider having any chance at being a winning franchise.Any starting qb can have the numbers he put up ig the only hold the ball that short of a time.
    MY QUEDTION 4 ALL YOU RAIDER FANS.IF UOU FAILED 7 YEARS IN A ROW,WOULD YOUR JOB LET YOU GO?99.9% of us would have been let go after 2 years if we were lucky.So if the raiders want to go far they MUST get rid of CARR

    1. I guess you think that way about past qbs like Marino or a few others who never won a super bowl & very few playoff games. You had better look at his stats & realize that he’s not the problem. 80% of the teams in the league would kill to have a qb with Carr’s stats trying to lead their teams. Ignorance is so bliss.

    2. Smh. Another fan that doesn’t even watch the games. Blah, blah, blah. The problem is Gruden not Carr. He was lights out when he had Cooper and Crabtree! Then Gruden sent them both packing (with future HOFer Mack)…and now his best receiver is a tight end. And his other weapons is 180 pound Ruggs and the great white hope Renfrow? 🤦🏼‍♂️ Carr is doing the best he can given the circumstances. He has a 3 bottom defense in the league, and the worst coaching staff in fb. Learn the game bro.

  2. To be completely honest.You can tell Derek Carr is a complete kiss *** to Gruden and Mr.Davis.Can you even imagine what is being said or even done behind closed doors.Who’s toes he is stepping on.Who he is bad mouthing.And worst of all who he is stabbing in the back.HEY RAIDER FANS ASK DEREK CARR HOW GRUDENS D–K TASTE

  3. Derek Carr you can tell he got punked for his milk money in school.He is so stuck on himself.Nothing but a glory hound.Always has to pass the ball when he is on the 10 yard line or closer.Just to hype up his stats.Subpar qb at best.He cant run has to feet that are bricks.And a complete wimp who is scared to take any kind of hit

  4. Carr and Gruden get along so well,because all they are stat people.Grudens whole playbook is quick simple passes,so Carr can get great stats.No chance of being sacked,or hit.Gruden is only a 500 coach.Look at his career stats,he is 50/50.Look at his stats as raider head coach and its even worse.Gruden has to realize the game has passed him up.Derek BROKEN DOWN Carr has yo realize he isn’t a starting caliber qb and he is subpar.So he can take that cocky ego and jam it.Jam it the same place that you do to Gruden.Carr your a boy playing a mans game.Go home boy its past your bedtime

  5. It doesn’t matter how fast Ruggs runs if they don’t throw him the ball. Gruden needs to open up this offense to match the rest of the league, this Bill Wash era dink and dunk doesn’t work anymore in this age of wide open offenses. Carr certainly has the arm, unleash him.

  6. Yes, I agree. Ruggs needs to work on his route running and coming out of his breaks better. But I still blame Gruden for his lack of production because he kept playing Ruggs out if position. Ruggs is an outside receiver. Not a slot receiver. For some reason, Gruden kept forcing him in the slot. Even after that game winning TD vs the Jets to end the game. Finally Gruden lined up Ruggs on the outside. Touchdown!! Then the following week? Gruden put him back in the slot. WTF? Btw, the reason you haven’t seen Ruggs catch any slants like he did at Alabama is because he needs to be lined up outside. Get rid of Gruden. A real coach like Andy Reid, would have rectified this situation weeks ago

    1. Precisely, it drives me crazy watching that speed demon running towards the sideline going in motion and also lined up in the slot. Put him out wide where he belongs, challenge the corner to stay with him !!! Isn’t that why the raiders drafted him ??? As far as Carr is concerned, let him throw the ball down the field, he is capable !!

  7. It is extremely important to resign your own FA, especially when Agholor had such a positive year with Carr. Agholor could easily break 1k along with Waller and Jacobs next year helping this offense to a top 5 elite status. Move on from Tyrrell Williams and resign Agholor.

  8. I also believe with a full off season, Ruggs and Edwards will be much more effective and will contribute much more in the 2nd season. Carr will have them more ready and prepared.

    Zay Jones is on the bubble after not showing much this last season. Many young guys ready to prove themselves.

  9. Keep Agholor and make better use of Ruggs and Edwards, both rookies were severely underutilized this year. When the aides went spread offense and threw the ball downfield they were more successful than when they dink and ducked it. Spread em out and stretch the field, that’s truly where the ground and pound running game is most effective. And if Al Dais is truly watching from above, he will smile !!!

  10. He had some real bad drops this year. But its Grudens job to get Ruggs involved in the offense Ruggs was on the field most of the time as a decoy and to run GO routes.

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