Raiders Were on the Wrong End of the Weekend’s Worst Piece of Officiating

Sooner or later the NFL is going to have to get serious about it’s officiating.

Sunday’s officiating crew in New York was considered by many to be one of the better crews in the league, but a ‘roughing the passer’ call on Maurice Hurst might have been one of the most egregious officiating errors of the season.

Here is the play that someone in the league needs to take responsibility for immediately. Even a simple “We’re sorry, we discourage our part-time officials from betting on games” would suffice.

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Maurice Hurst called for Roughing the Passer. HOW THE **** is this roughing the passer?! #OAKvsNYJ

The referee did not have a bad angle on the play. He simply anticipated a hit that never happened. Hurst barely made contact with Sam Darnold and the sack wasn’t even violent. In fact, Derek Carr was sacked much harder later in the game, but it was deemed fine and well by the officials.

For all the ridiculous reasons the NFL chooses to fine its players, it would be a welcomed idea to see officials fined for doing a terrible job at what they’re paid to do. It would at least provide some satisfaction for fans and gamblers to know that an egregious call would cost an official some coin. And it might just lead to fewer examples of incompetent officiating.

On a final note. The referees were not responsible for the Raiders loss on Sunday. This one was on the players and coaches. And by the way… can you read this coach’s mouth? Yes, this was after the phantom roughing call shown above.

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Jon Gruden is worth $100 million simply for the camera shots of him yelling at refs

As the thesaurus might say…

A “male chicken suction female parent of [Greg] Focker.”

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4 thoughts on “Raiders Were on the Wrong End of the Weekend’s Worst Piece of Officiating

  1. I agree the roughing the passer penalty was a joke .. I know it’s not a excuse but this game is emotion and after that call you can see it was a huge let down to our guys and for some reason we let it bother us the whole game.. I’m really disappointed how we played and Carr needs to learn to play in bad weather.. the team follows his lead and he looked lost out there .. I’m not happy at all ..

  2. well lets get a couple of receivers with are draft choses like we need some the raiders should draft all defence an get a defence corr from maybe college ranks couldnt hurt

  3. This is prime example of y Davis is the biggest retard. Gruden is not worthy of receiving huge contract let alone being highest paid coach in league n history. Pats do not get blown out but Gruden has many times since his return.

    Gruden has accomplished very little in nfl n compared 2 current coaches (while some have not coached as many games still they possess better marks than Gruden) as the following shows:
    Sean Payton – 127 wins winning 62%
    Mike Tomlin – 131 wins winning 64%
    Pete Carroll – 131 wins winning 63%
    John Harbaugh – 112 wins winning 60%
    Bill Belichick – 271 wins winning 75%
    Andy Reid – 202 wins winning 69%
    Jason Garrett – 83 wins winning 57%
    Ron Rivera – 76 wins winning 57%
    Bill OBrien 53%, Anthony Lynn 59%, Sean Mcvay 72%, Mike Zimmer 60%, Doug Pederson 58%,
    Gruden 105 wins winning 51%

    Gruden has been n is at best a middle-of-the-pack mediocre nfl coach n anyone thinking he deserves 2 b paid more than any coach just mentioned needs serious help (Mark Davis is just an idiot). Gruden’s 1st two seasons with Raiders in 98 &99 he finished 8-8 (98 they began 6-2) with a team that most definitely should have produced better results. Grudens last season with Raiders he was 10-6 losing last 3 gms prior 2 playoffs n again a team that should have had a much better record than that.

    The point is Gruden caused Raiders 2 b placed into shitty position these 2 seasons n upon receiving delusional praises lately how does this football genius respond – getting whooped by Jets n placing season in jeopardy but showing what he truly is mediocre coach.
    If this truth hurts the feelings of any fans who gives a f##k deal with it cuz this is what we have n what we should expect. Ill tell u Coach Del Rio was a way better option, bargain, n looks real gud now.

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