Raiders Worked Out Myles Jack, Timing Could Be Significant

If not for his surgically repaired knee, Myles Jack would be a top pick in this year’s draft. Most still project Jack to be drafted in the top 10, but there’s growing speculation that he may need another medical procedure and he could potentially drop to the bottom half of the first round.

Whether the rumors are simply smoke or Jack’s knee is legitimately a “time bomb” ticking, the Raiders are doing their due diligence. On Thursday, the Raiders sent a group to work out Jack, according to Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller, and will be one of the final teams to have their eyes on the UCLA superstar.

While the timing of the workout isn’t strange, it could be significant. Assuming the Raiders have been monitoring Jack’s knee as closely as everyone else, it’s possible their medical information never suggested that Jack would fall to pick 14. After a week-long barrage of negative reports, it’s possible the Raiders wanted to have one more confirmation of their own medical information. An “are we missing something here” visit of sorts.

Nevertheless, the timing of Jack’s visit may mean nothing at all. It’s possible the visit had been set up for weeks, but if Jack met with a team more recently than the Raiders, it hasn’t been made public.

It’s all speculation, of course, and we’re all mostly guessing this time of year – even Jack’s mother.

My guess? The Raiders never thought Jack would fall to them. Now it looks like he may. Rather than call an NFL Network employee, they booked a last-minute flight to LA.

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19 thoughts on “Raiders Worked Out Myles Jack, Timing Could Be Significant

  1. The 2016 Oakland Raiders are for “REAL” -Hungry, Smart, Confident, doing whatever it takes to -” WIN”. GO RAIDERS!

  2. Raiders need to draft Durrell Givens.
    He plays Strong Saftey for the New. Yorker Lions in Braunschweig Germany. When playing in the United States went to Iowa State University and lead the Nation in Takeaways. He went undrafted. If interested he can be reached at 562-508-8203

  3. After DJ Hayden medical issues I don’t think the Raiders would chance a #1 pick gambling on the players health. I love Jack but man oh man if he ends up on the shelf becasue of his knee Oaktown may burn down.,..

    1. I think we are at a point in the rebuilding process where we can take a chance on this type of player because of the impact he can have on the team if healthy. But if his knee is as bad as it might be then it won’t hurt our teams progress as bad because we have talent all around. Which is why we have so many options to choose from this draft.

  4. Hayden’s problems does not have anything to do with his health. He just can cover NFL players.

  5. We don’t need any more projects that are questionable injured players. We have Menelik, Hayden already.

  6. The only way RM makes Jack a Raider is if his knee goes back to being 100%, he won’t take a chance on a player who is at risk of his knee being permanently damaged at any moment. This draft more then any other needs to be a home run that pushes Oakland into the playoffs, Reggie is about to draft his final draft under his current contract and needs to prove he’s worth keeping around, so a pick like this just won’t happen. Can’t risk another Hayden, and there’s better players available with no injury history. T’is a no brainer, if u ax me.

  7. Raiders need to take ILB from Alabama in the first round and a running back in the second. Third round pick should be a safety and their next pick if he is still there should be jaylon smith out of Notre dame. If he comes back healthy it would be the biggest steal in the draft since JJ want went at 11 to the Texans

  8. I like the what raidernation is talking about im am all for it.get a runningback and solidify the middle of the defense. And then its all about just win baby.

  9. DJ Hayden is a Healthy young man with speed to Burn. Unfortunately he loses his ability to turn his head around to find the ball while he is in coverage .

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