Reggie McKenzie Pleased With Raiders’ Free Agent Class

By most accounts, the Raiders’ first week of free agency hasn’t been spectacular. Despite being loaded with cap space, Reggie McKenzie hasn’t been able to attract top free agents like Ndamukong Suh, Randall Cobb, and DeMarco Murray to Oakland. But if he’s disappointed, Reggie isn’t showing it.

Every year you go after a lot of guys. You’re not going to get them all. Our intent was to go out hard and heavy after each one of these guys and we were able to land a whole lot of guys that we liked. We feel really good about the players we added to our roster.”

As of Sunday, the Raiders have added C Rodney Hudson, S Nate Allen, LB Curtis Lofton, LB Malcolm Smith, DT Dan Williams, RB Roy Helu Jr., TE Lee Smith, QB Christian Ponder, CB James Dockery, and P Steven Clark. The list is underwhelming, but McKenzie believes the Raiders’ roster is improving. Considering the big “winners” in free agency rarely actually are, only time will tell. Then again, given McKenzie’s history of success in free agency…

So who’s next on Reggie’s list? Asked about Greg Hardy, McKenzie echoed Mark Davis’ sentiment and assured local media the Raiders have no plans to pursue Hardy.


Then again, if Davis and McKenzie are absolutely out of the mix for Hardy, why not remove “at this point” from their explanations? They both used it. Just a thought… that’s all.