Replay Shows Officiating Crew Botched The Josh Jacobs Fumble Recovery on Sunday

You had to know it was coming. Of course the officials were going to make a controversial call in Sunday’s matchup between the Raiders and Patriots.

Ironically, it even came in the form of a fumble.

This time it actually was a fumble, and once again the Patriots were awarded the ball. But a look at the replay (which the officiated crew did have access to) clearly shows Josh Jacobs recovering his own fumble.

Not much room for interpretation, right?

Jacobs is holding the fumbled ball with both hands and is being touched by a pair of Patriot defenders, which effectively ends the play.

Safe to say, the officials either didn’t look at this camera angle or chose to ignore it. Considering it’s the Patriots and the Raiders, both options seem as likely as the other.

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39 thoughts on “Replay Shows Officiating Crew Botched The Josh Jacobs Fumble Recovery on Sunday

  1. We are Raiders, of course the calls are going to go against us in this soft version of what was once football. We live in an ultra-civilized society where Patriots are infinitely more acceptable than Raiders. I just goes with the territory. Even football doesn’t embrace masculinity anymore. The soft, gooey, mushy version of men is what our culture now embraces. Maybe that’s why the cologne Brut has all but vanished from supermarket shelves. Long gone are the days of guys with missing teeth, battle scars, unkempt overnight partiers who beat and mauled their opponents into submission. No longer is there a place for the Conrad Dobler, Deacon Jones, Jack Lambert and Jack Tatum types of football players. For those that don’t know, Conrad Dobler was considered the meanest, nastiest, dirtiest player in football and he was an offensive lineman. In today’s game, he would be suspended for the season after week one and Deacon Jones would receive a substantial fine for each headslap that revolutionized the game. Needless to say that Jack Tatum would be at the top of Roger Godell’s 10 Most Wanted List for simply taking the field. No my friends, football should be called Nerfball. There will never be a three yards and a cloud of dust play ever again because the dust would be considered an environmental hazard so instead now we have three yards and shredded tire particles flying in the air. Who knows, maybe even grass will become extinct, from the game, in this watered down excuse of a sport. Surely, very soon, the fans will have their very own set of grief counselors seated next to the concession stands with posted placard warnings that consuming more than one 12 oz cup of beer causes inebriation. The tragedy here however is that the NFL now has millions of dollars worth of cameras, an Instant Replay Center, in another city, and multiple eyes in the booth and on the field and STILL get it wrong. Well, at least the fans aren’t aying to sit in the stands and watch this inept foolishness, firsthand.

    1. Why are you so mad?? I got family that gets paid to play this game and its pretty alarming how you have zero, I mean absolutely zero regard for human safety. However, they do make the Personal choice to out their bodies on the line but that isn’t good enough for you..Although I understand your quarrel is with the league officials , the ignorance of the disgruntled fans echoes through valleys..just look at all the freak accidents that happen especially even tho it’s sort of an anomaly due to covid & training camps being limited..similar to idiots being “outraged” over kneeling, veterans didn’t hesitate to proclaim that they fought for their liberty to do so. Fans these days are saying the game is soft or whatever rhetoric ppl prefer to use, cats from back in the day are optimistic about today’s athletes being able to live a healthier life post-retirement
      Sad to hear that you have soft,gushy men in your culture, in reference to you saying “Our culture” lmao what a blatantly arrogant and vague statement , sir.
      This is the U.S of A. right, the largest ethnic mixing pot on the planet. The term “our culture” is a widely accepted phrase amongst the fans of the old school but is merely a tangible concept to those who may have a long term vision..and if a man is “soft or gushy”, what is that of concern to you?? If you take care of business and love your family and friends , what time do you have to waste worrying about someone that you obviously don’t respect and most likely don’t know???

  2. Most convincing evidence of a recovered fumble I’ve ever seen. They need to have some kind of consequences for refs at this level to not follow the rules…like that dick who folded an index card and let it unfold to touch the yardstick and the ball at the same time….what the hell is that! …they need to start a demerit system where you suspend some of these refs if they get a certain amount of blown call infractions within a season….we lost our last home game in Oakland on a blown call. The league admitted that they cost the RAIDERS the win. I’d like to know what kind consequences did any of those refs faced…..but everything I’m saying is useless the swamp creatures of the league are and always will be biased RAIDERS haters..may all their sons become sissies that dress up in girls clothes and dye their hair pink and blue and go to art school where they meet their life partner Bruce or lance….go RAIDERS

    1. No. They need to fold the NFL and stop wasting our time. It has ZERO credibility and the commissioner himself has admitted to game-fixing for “entertainment” purposes. Gruden should have been able to stop that game for as long as they did for the ****-rule game and made them get the call right. Oh, and yeah, Bob Kraft didn’t solicit those whores, either. Right? Long live our glorious, heroic, Patriots!!!!

      1. wait a minute I just love calling ppl on their fake outrage and the rhetoric that watched a video from a channel called satiredaily lmao..really, “zero credibility” ?? How does one man stand on a mountaintop and type aloud that a sports league has zero credibility?? Name one corporation, not an organization that has 100% credibility….and who is they?? Fold the NFL, you see how these trump lovers love college football?? But since that YOU said they need to fold it, who are we to argue with you??

    2. I didn’t get a chance to see the game I was working didn’t even though of recording it I found out late that they had lost the game but what didn’t like was that there was another controversial call n I been trying o find it what was all about that Jacob’s had fumble but apparently he had recovered his own n the fucking officials awarded it to the Pat’s that’s insane the video shows exactly what they should had called a TD for the raiders n not a recovery by the cheating pastor should I say cheating officialsssssssssssss????????????????????

  3. Hey Bill. Your incessant whining about the Patriots is so Raider like. You conveniently ignore the Ben Dreith bs call in 76 that screwed the Pats. Your “hero” Tatum paralyzed Stingley on a cheap shot in an exhibition game. He never felt regret or remorse. A horrible human being. Half of your basement dweller fans still live at home….at the age of 35. Dress up for Halloween every week. Maybe Jacob’s should have held on to the ball a little better.

    1. Held is better?? Is there a better way to hold it between both hands you idiot.At some point Jacobs had to release the ball and get ready for the next play.You are just used to getting the bs calls in your favor

    2. lmao Mark is projecting his personal problems on an entire fanbase.

      Just because you live with mommy in the basement doesn’t mean other people do. We know you couldn’t afford a single game ticket while 65k+ people spent thousands of dollars on PSLs and season tickets to fill up Allegiant, and that **** was just pocket change for us, lol.

      But hey dude, you measure your own self worth based on what a football team, that you have zero influence over, does. Your greatest achievement in life is being a pats fan? Pretty pathetic.

    3. He did hold onto the ball better. TWICE! Time for you to run along and stfu now, mark. And NEVER compare historical calls the Raiders benefitted from with the constant and consistent enabling the cheatriots have received in every quarter for 20 goddamned years!

    4. Moron

      Jack Tatum made countless attempts to not only contact Mr Stingly but was turned away when he went to visit him…

      Secondly clueless…preseason is irrelevant….thats when jobs are won and lost genius…

    5. Mark, you have no idea what Jack Tatum felt about that play. None. As for Sugar Bear, was it a 15 yard penalty when you hit a QB in the head? Yes. Did he hit Stabler in the head? Yes.

      End of story, get out of here.

    6. Tatum let’s see how would you know how that man feels about the legal hit he gave to Darrell you see back then it was football not puss ball if you can’t take the pain get off the field because back then there was no defenseless receiver or QB you hit and you hit hard but 100% of all the NFL except N P know that that made up tuck rule was made up but N P have cheated every season with paying the refs to deflation of football’s you name it N P have done it the get calls every game how anyone couldn’t see this well they are a N P fan I myself would rather loose a game instead of being a cheat but some people don’t know the difference it’s sad but true teach your kids right from wrong let them know it’s ok to loose as long as you tried and didn’t cheat there name should be the cheating Patriots

  4. Can’t believe that idiot who said Jacobs should have held the ball “better ”
    He was on the ground with his hands both grasping the ball and downed.The ref saw it and decided to give another bs call in favor of the Patsy’s. Something has to be done

  5. Hey “Mark”, I your probably a front runner fan from who knows where??
    Raider- fans regardless are more faithful, more loyal then you new wave “Me, I, give me respect, self entitled fans of today”. Tatum didn’t hit Stingly dirty. He hit him how the game was being played back then. Some idiot like you, who now is a Patroit-fan views that as horrible. It is part of the game & you can’t play or hit a defenseless player. Which of course is a good idea. Yes Jacob’s should have held onto the ball like a real football player, but as you know or may not know we were playing in there stadium. So that call, just like the tuck rule did not & could not go our way.

  6. Mark,
    I never have and never will give a **** about the Patriots, one way or the other, and only mentioned them in reference to this game. What Jack Tatum did or didn’t feel is on Jack Tatum. I, however, felt sorry for Sam Cunningham, Russ Francis, Tony Eason and Steve Grogan because I liked them, oh and Mike Haynes. As a Raiders fan, for 52 years, I could care less what you or any other Patriots fan thinks or says. Just be thankful that Robert Kraft’s money, friends and lawyers were able to buy him out of sexual misconduct charges while making a total mockery of the NFL’s personal conduct policy. The truth, that film of Josh Jacobs recovering his own fumble, speaks for itself and currently, the Boston Mafia is in charge. It is what it is.

  7. 76? LOL , ok boomer, talk about whiners , ohh dont hit brady, hes the franchise…boo go cheat some more

  8. I agree with the first reader. Today’s football players and refs are soft. If these guys would have played the 760 Steelers or 85 bears they would know what real football all about. As for the second guys comment. Jack tatum is indecent human being for not apologizing for his illegal hit bastard

  9. Well said Bill. Football is nothing like it used to be. Could you think of suspending Walter Payton for his stiff arming today? I like when players played for the game and had jobs during the off season. I don’t need to hear about any political issues. I came to watch football only.

    Mark, your team is identified as cheaters and will always remember during the past decade. Go back to your basement and wait for Halloween. Glad my Bears beat the $!ht out of you in 85.

  10. So the Josh jacob was call a fumble and the refs mistake it again and not looking it on instant replay. The Raiders need to move on and play better. The next games is at home against the bills and be more aggressive on defense and a lot more on offensive. Let’s Go Raiders and win. Hey RAIDERS

  11. All I can say is Kraft must have dirt on Goodell! Probably eta service at the same whorehouse or something. I got your Cheetriots right here. 🖕🏻🖕🏻

    1. U got you hands on your own balls tighter than jacobs had in his. Whiney raiders loooooozers.

  12. the officials are just as bad as the haters and now you realize you made a mistake, how convenient after the fact. i wish the officials were held accountable for their many bad calls and I mean many.

  13. Can’t believe the whining and crying from a neanderthal collection of ignorant pansies. You dress up in halloween costumes and circle jerk each other each week,. Then end up crying about refs when your team sucks so bad for so long and always will because your owner is a dotard, your coach is a self promoting joke, and the fans don’t know which shithole city or state they will be trapped in next year. STFU u collective POS.

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