Report: Aldon Smith “Nowhere Close” To Being Reinstated

Aldon Smith recently took to Instagram Live to announce that he’ll soon be reinstated by the NFL, but according to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, the Raiders linebacker is “nowhere close” to a return at this time.

Cole added that Smith has made “no consistent effort to follow the program the league has laid out” and will have “one great week and then the next week he’s back to having problems.”

It was widely believed that Smith had a good chance to be reinstated in March, but that was before the former All-Pro linebacker was reportedly arrested for public intoxication on a night he also happened to be a passenger in a vehicle that collided with a police car.

If Cole’s report is accurate, the Raiders are surely losing patience. Smith’s number has already been given to an undrafted free agent and by sound of things, he isn’t getting it back any time soon.

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