Report: Amari Cooper Seeking “Shockingly High” New Deal

One of the worst-kept secrets to Amari Cooper’s end in Oakland was the unwillingness of Jon Gruden and the Raiders to commit to a long-term deal with Cooper.

Cooper was in the final year if his contract in 2018 and there were already whispers that he was looking for a massive contract, despite his inconsistent play over the last two years. Cooper, of course, shares an agent with Khalil Mack and Gruden surely didn’t want to travel down a similar road with a player far less valuable than Mack.

Fast forward to the present and a report on Tuesday from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram indicated that Cooper is looking for a “shockingly high” new deal – and the report says that comes from a Cowboys source with the understanding that the floor on Cooper’s new deal is at least around $16 million per year.

Considering they already have a first-round pick committed to Cooper, the Cowboys have almost no leverage in negotiations with Cooper’s agent. Safe to say, the Cowboys are going to get taken to the cleaners by the time a resolution is reached with Amari… and Dallas still needs to pay Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

Ironically, the pick Dallas traded to Oakland was used on safety Johnathan Abram – a position the Cowboys have desperately needed to upgrade for years. Not that anyone in Dallas is complaining. Yet.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Amari Cooper Seeking “Shockingly High” New Deal

  1. THANK you Dallas for Johnathan Abram, his 5 year rookie contract AND that 70million-sh cash that you saved us over 5 years!

  2. THANK YOU Dallas for Johnathan Abram, his 5 year rookie salary AND the 70million-sh that you have saved us over the next 5 years. To return the favor, I will let you in on a little secret. Cooper will take plays off, cut short on routes, drop perfect passes and is not that great on blocking on running plays when it is not a contract year.
    Good luck with that

    1. Nonsense. Cooper suffered as Carr’s play declined. Put the blame where it belongs.

  3. If cowgirls pay cooper top receiver money they r crazy. Cooper is at best mid-grade receiver who has shown a lot of inconsitencies in every area for a receiver. His big play capability (only on occasion) is far outweighed by his moments of no-show, drops, n poor route running. He has not proven himself deserving of huge contract n needs at least back 2 back seasons for any team 2 consider investing that kind of money. However we r talking bout NFL n owners who repeatedly over spend on worthless talent only to regret it later so cowgirls or some other retarded team will do it

    1. Nonsense. Cooper’s play suffered as Carr’s play declined. Put the blame where it belongs.

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