Report: Chris Warren III Up To 270 Pounds

One of the many unknowns for the Raiders going into next year is the matter of the running back position. Will Jon Gruden pay an expensive veteran like Le’Veon Bell or will the Raiders lean on what they already have at the position?

Doug Martin is expected to be back in the mix next year and no one knows what Marshawn Lynch, who turns 33 in April, might have in mind. The Raiders also have a wild card in Chris Warren III, who according to a report on Thursday, has added some serious weight in the offseason.

“I heard Warren weighs 270 right now,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur said of the second-year running back from Texas. “He’s not in bad shape, he’s just gotten in the weight room. That’s not the ideal playing weight, but I guess he doesn’t look fat.”

For what it’s worth, the Raiders list Warren at 6’2, 246 pounds and it’s hard to imagine the additional 24 pounds was entirely wanted or needed. For the sake of comparison, former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was listed at 264 pounds in his playing days and he stood two inches taller than Warren.

Either way, Warren’s weight will be something to watch moving forward because it’s been rumored that Gruden has high hopes for his young bruiser next year.

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3 thoughts on “Report: Chris Warren III Up To 270 Pounds

  1. I have thought all along that Warren will become Gruden’s Zack Crockett. This just makes me believe even more that he’s going to be moved to fullback and be more invlolved in the passing game and short yardage.

    1. Ya we need a bruiser like him reminds me of jhon ritchi fullback who actually goes out and hits people great addition playing tht role rb and blocker for runningbacks

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